VDI Made Easy with HyperCloud™

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Digital workplaces enable rapid innovation and agility. IT teams need to arm end users with access to critical applications over a multitude of devices while IT needs to ensure security and governance over these endpoints that empower end users to collaborate on the move while ensuring security and governance. Common use cases include call centers in banking, tourism, and hospitality, medical providers using EHR, branch and retail workers, engineering and product teams, and mobile workers across industries.

Drawbacks of Current VDI Solutions

HyperCloud™ Simplifies VDI Deployment

HyperCloud™ is a cloud-first solution that solves key operational challenges such as security, performance, and complexity that organizations face with VDI today. HyperCloud™ has the following differentiators:



VDI Technology Partners

HyperCloud supports multiple VDI technologies.



Solution Brief

High Performance Virtual Desktops for Design Applications

Deliver a virtual desktop experience for engineers, developers and designers using CAD that provides the exact same experience as if the software was run locally.

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Case Study

Jac Travel Delivers Higher Quality Customer Service with HyperCloud™

In this case study you will learn: How HyperGrid reduced insfrastructure costs for management, maintenance, power and cooling Virtual Desktops-as-a-Service delivered on HyperCloud™ scaled the infrastructure to meet increasing demands Reduced implementation time by 95%, accelerating time to value with less than a day to be up and running

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Blog Post

Announcing GPU Support

HyperGrid is excited to announce the general availability of GPU instances on HyperCloud™. With this new GPU instance, HyperCloud™ delivers a truly graphics-accelerated public cloud within the customer datacenter without the need for customers to make any separate hardware purchases or GPU-specific licensing.

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