HyperGrid @ VMworld: Transforming IT Consumption

In the days of IT past, new infrastructure, software, and services were acquired through a significantly sized purchase, typically in the 7-figure range. These large capital expenses would happen every 1, 2 or 3 years. However, organizations had to plan for the unexpected. This meant assets sat idle waiting to be used and if they were never used, there was no credit back to the business. The good news was if there was an unplanned need, IT didn’t have to wait to procure the required hardware and software for the new project. The alternative was to hold some budget aside for emergency purposes, and then wait the weeks or months for the infrastructure to be configured for the business need – meaning benefits and revenue from the new project were realized much later.

Leasing and subscription-based pricing came next – offering IT more flexible payment terms. A large capital expense could be converted to more modest operational expense, but it still did not meet the need of changing business and technical requirements. Either IT over-purchased the required assets and the assets sat idle, or IT waited for the new project to cross their desk and waited much longer for the required assets to become available in the datacenter. Again, meaning the benefits and revenue of a new project were realized much later along with no credits issued for the under use of assets.

HyperCloud™ with its pay-as-you-use pricing model meets the needs of on-demand resources while driving the best value. IT doesn’t need to over-purchase assets and never needs to worry about the underutilization of assets.

First, true “Pay-as-you-use” pricing increases and decreases with what resources IT is consuming – if you have more VMs running, the bill goes up. If you have fewer VMs running, the bill goes down. There is no wastage. The business is never overpaying for IT. This is a key difference from subscriptions and leases and this is how HyperCloud™ is charged to you.

Second, HyperCloud™ delivers resources on-demand. As requirements for IT and the business change, HyperCloud™ is ready with the required assets, maximizing the benefits and revenues of the project. Projects can begin as soon as they are scoped – there is no delay waiting for infrastructure.

HyperGrid is transforming how IT is consumed with true, pay-as-you-use pricing delivering resources on-demand – fast, to meet today’s changing SLAs, business requirements and technical needs. Stop by booth 218 at VMworld to learn more!

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