HyperGrid @ VMworld: Transforming Infrastructure and Operations

According to Gartner, worldwide IT spend is going to increase to $3.5 trillion in 2017, a 1.4% increase from 2016.[1] Largely, this means that IT spend is going to be flat. However, the amount of data created is growing at a tremendous rate. According to IDC, there will be 180 zettabytes of data (or 180 trillion gigabytes) in 2025, up from less than 10 zettabytes in 2015[2]. Adding another layer of complexity is that service levels are getting more aggressive. Something has to give.

In order to be effective, IT has to find a way to streamline operations and optimize the usage of on-site resources and dipping into the public cloud arena when it makes sense. This can be a daunting task as IT has a mix of virtualized production applications and then cloud-based applications as well. In order for IT to effectively manage this diverse environment, infrastructure and operations must be transformed.

With HyperCloud™, the infrastructure is delivered as-a-Service and supports aggressive service levels while the management is executed by HyperGrid experts. This allows IT to focus higher in the stack. Now, IT can optimize applications, deliver relevant services while supporting changing business and technical requirements. The result is, IT can now deliver on operational excellence. Business owners are no longer required to wait days for the required storage, VMs, and networking. IT can simply allocate the required services.

A key component to operationalizing IT is empowering developers and application owners to make requests through a portal and have this requests automatically fulfilled. With HyperCloud™, all provisioning workflows initiated through the self-service library adhere to IT-defined governance policies – allowing IT to be in full control while maintaining agility.

Additionally, workloads are not the same. There are VM-based workloads and then cloud-based workloads and some are made up of containers. Managing workloads on-premises and across clouds can be a daunting task. The management layer in HyperCloud™ provides a single pane of glass to manage workload on-premises, and across public clouds including AWS, Azure, and Google, 18 public clouds in all.

HyperCloud™ transforms infrastructure and operations by automating complex processes while enabling management of production and cloud workloads from a simple, centralized user-interface. The governance policies empower application and business owners while keeping IT in control, so IT can deliver operational excellence within a framework IT designed.

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