Simplivity Acquisition: Making the Case for Enterprise Cloud Services

Congratulations to the Simplivity team on their acquisition by HPE for $650M announced this week.  While twitterati & fake news have made some humorous comments on the change in the company’s valuation from prior rounds, only 10-15% of startups achieve a successful exit via M&A, so this is a great outcome for the team.  We wish them all the best at HPE.

Validation for Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)… as a use case

According to HPE’s press release, the purchase of Simplivity “advances HPE’s strategy in the fast-growing, high-margin HCI market.” While spending on HCI is growing fast, we believe that HCI will increasingly be viewed as a use case (specifically for VMs as a service) rather than a market. This shift will be driven by customers demanding integration of additional, higher layers of the stack, and innovative vendors responding to that demand with offers that support HCI as a use case, but deliver public cloud services in their data centers that include infrastructure, platform, and application management services. HCI vendors such as Nutanix and Simplivity delivered simplicity and innovation around only the infrastructure layer with emphasis on storage and data services. But as enterprise IT looks to evolve quickly from services delivery to value creation, they need to simultaneously deliver a broad set of services for legacy applications, enable application modernization where possible, and provide modern application management for developers without disruption or overhead. And this all needs to be done in a way that’s agile, flexible and on-demand, with security, control and governance. Providing functionality for this level of sophistication, choice and flexibility remain unaddressed by the current HCI offerings.

This is what we’ve been focused on building from the ground-up since we launched HyperGrid in July 2016. The ability of enterprise IT to enable innovation at a rapid pace and scale is directly tied to the business need for technology-based market differentiation. At HyperGrid, our mission is to help CIOs and IT practitioners leapfrog from simply delivering services to creating business value by enabling business innovation while maintaining security, control and governance over delivery of IT services.

Enterprise Cloud Services solve IT’s key challenges

Along with the growth of spending on HCI we have also seen the public cloud grow dramatically with >$22B spent in 2016.  Customers have embraced the public cloud’s agility and consumption economics. However, like HCI, we see public cloud as a partial solution to customer challenges; there are significant problems due to shadow IT owing to lack of control and governance, risk of cloud lock-in and poor support beyond VM-based computing.

Enterprises are looking for an integrated and expanded IT solution that goes beyond HCI and public cloud options. This broader dynamic in IT is driving our vision for Enterprise Cloud Services, which deliver public cloud-like services in the customer data center. IT teams deploying Enterprise Cloud Services can better support overall business innovation and success through fast and flexible deployment of new and existing applications on the most efficient delivery platforms. The shift away from a do-it-yourself approach to service delivery and higher-value added activities minimizes the need for IT to perpetually focus on building, integrating, optimizing, maintaining and refreshing many point solutions from multiple vendors that make up their services stack.

HyperCloud™ is Enterprise Cloud Services that provides the only consumption-based, cloud service for the enterprise on-premises, with integrated governance and control for DevOps management and orchestration for any application on bare-metal, VMs and containers, and on any cloud.

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And if you’re an existing hyperconverged, traditional Infrastructure or public cloud customer assessing your options and looking for a broader strategy, please contact us to learn about a special offer to support you in transitioning to HyperCloud™ Enterprise Cloud Services.

Manoj Nair joins HyperGrid from HPE where he was GM and VP of Product Management for Converged Infrastructure. His team was responsible for driving the Product Strategy and Roadmap across all elements of the Converged Portfolio & Infrastructure Management. Prior to HPE, Manoj was SVP leading strategy and R&D for the Public Cloud solutions at EMC. This was an incubation team working across the EMC federation of companies. Previously, Manoj was SVP & GM at RSA – responsible for IAM & Authentication product lines. Previously he led R&D and Product Management for RSA Security Management portfolio. Manoj also led R&D for EMC's internal incubation project, EMC Infoscape, as well as the architecture of the EMC PowerPath product family. Manoj has also held development and research positions at Data General, Novell and US NSF funded Research Labs. He is also the holder of over a dozen patents granted by USPTO in Systems Software, File systems, Information Management and Security. Manoj holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Clemson University. Forbes Technology Council, Official Member 2018

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