HyperGrid @ VMworld: Transforming the IT Professional

As technology and processes evolve, so must IT personnel. As new technology is developed that is faster and cheaper, administrators are being pressed to incorporate it into new projects so that the business can realize the benefits. The speed at which the business expects results is often faster than what IT administrators can deliver within a traditional IT environment. Acquiring and configuring storage, compute, and networking, applying patches and then deploying an application takes time – longer than anyone wants to wait.

HyperCloud™ provides Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service, a complete platform for IT to deliver services to the business. With this change, administrators can easily transition to becoming services brokers, elevating their role in terms of business decisions and becoming a partner to application and line of business owners.

HyperCloud™ is highly automated – governance, security, and application configuration and deployment can be executed in a few clicks. The Enterprise App Store has over 400 templates so apps are deployed quickly and consistently across clouds, accelerating time-to-market.  The templates support the creation of VM-based and container-based applications.

As a service broker, IT can provide business and application owners with information on how to effectively leverage cloud computing to support business goals. IT admins have been doing this all along, however, but now they can up-level their understanding of work processes, budget and data management requirements and combine it with their already deep understanding of IT infrastructure. IT can now be a trusted partner and an expert in how to configure and deliver services to meet service levels and in adapting to always changing business and technical requirements.

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