HyperGrid @ VMworld: Transformation Beyond Virtualization with HyperCloud™

Many organizations have virtualized their infrastructure and are now evaluating cloud. Trying to pick the right cloud for the organization is hard though. “Should we build our own cloud?”, “Should we go to a public cloud?”, “Should we go to a managed service provider?”, or “Should we go all SaaS?”.

Many organizations want to go with one cloud strategy to try to keep the environment simple because managing workloads between different clouds is very difficult, and leads to increasing cost, essentially “undoing” the cost benefits of cloud. However, even going with one cloud doesn’t necessarily control costs. Many public cloud providers have hidden costs, like substantial egress costs. These costs can get so high that IT feels locked into this cloud, removing the flexibility and agility that IT was hoping to realize with cloud.

Organizations want a solution that delivers cloud options – the option to have a public cloud experience, on premises or with an external provider, with no lock-in. HyperCloud™ delivers an effective Hybrid Cloud strategy. You can have your public cloud experience, on premises, with the ability to seamlessly move workloads to a public cloud if that makes sense based on the technical and business requirements of the workload. HyperCloud™ delivers Hybrid Cloud Management to maintain, manage and track workloads no matter where they are across the Hybrid Cloud environment with no cloud lock-in. This is all delivered with a simple operational expense model with pay-as-you-use pricing.

In the next 3 blogs, we will discuss how HyperCloud™ from HyperGrid helps transform your cloud strategy.

  • Transforming IT Infrastructure and Operations
  • Transforming IT Consumption
  • Transforming IT Professionals

And you can learn even more about HyperCloud™ and how we enable transformation from virtualization at VMworld, August 27 – 31, 2017, at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, booth #218.

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