HyperGrid Partner Webinar Series…At-Your-Service

We’re excited to be announcing our HyperGrid Partner Webinar Series for Q1 2017.

Since launching HyperGrid in July 2016 we have been focused on delivering a consumable approach to IT infrastructure. This webinar series demonstrates how HyperCloud™ platform plays out across specific use cases, and maps to the future of IT.

Subject: HyperCloud™ Infrastructure-as-a-Service Webinar – Consume IT, Don’t Build IT!

Date: January 19th 10:00am – 10:30am PST

Duration: 30 Minutes

Synopsis: This 30-minute webinar demonstrates how HyperGrid delivers automated, self service provisioning of VMs in the data center and enables you to move apps between 18+ public and private clouds with the following benefits:

  • No HW to buy or SW to install
  • Pay for only what is consumed
  • Infrastructure in minutes vs. months
  • Enforce policies and quotas automatically
  • Reduce configuration error
  • Automate downstream operations
  • Lower CapEX and OpEX

You can sign up here.

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