HyperGrid at the core of change – #GartnerDC recap

Just back from a week of customer meetings, keynotes and engaging conversations at this year’s #GartnerDC in Las Vegas. There was such great energy & buzz around our HyperGrid booth, with the 100s of customers who stopped by, 15 minute 1:1s that went for an hour, and with not enough people to cover the booth, having our CEO fly down last minute!

One of the analysts said in an informal discussion that we have set the bar for our competitors in terms of our solution capabilities. Being able to answer customer questions by actually demonstrating how our product would address their needs was a huge focus and success for us.

We’ve been thinking further about what “Being at the Core of Change” (this year’s theme) means for our customers. Based on our conversations we see the imperatives for IT coming from digital disruption. Being a transformer will be key for tomorrow’s digital enterprise and virtualized data centers. #ITDelivered will need to help businesses achieve several key things:

  • Move faster to deliver innovation developed by the LOB
  • Create flexibility in where applications run to respond to changing demands
  • Reduce cost for running existing applications

All of this translates into a new set of requirements for IT, and it’s what we’ve been solving since launching HyperCloud™, our hybrid cloud platform that offers application, platform and infrastructure services to accelerate this transformation and delivery of business applications.

Further to the learnings we shared last week here are points we heard coming out of the conference:

A Gartner poll says that 2/3rds of enterprises present at the conference are doing something with containers – this is an amazing difference from just a year ago.

  • Tom Bittman talked about the percentage of deployments of containers – The instant poll in the large audience with 100 plus responses showed 27% of the audience were deploying containers on premises only, while 17% were deploying on both on-premises and cloud!
  • No surprises with regards to security being the #1 concern with public cloud. This highlights the efforts we’re making to ensure security, governance and control by offering HyperCloud™ as a hybrid cloud platform. Applications like HyperForm close some of the gaps in public cloud adoption. Security requires a corporate strategy around governance that Hyperform also solves.
  • Great point from Neil MacDonald, who believes that the proper use of containers can make apps more secure than in a VM environment by allowing you to integrate security with DevOps. HyperCloud™ enables #DevSecOps.
  • From Bob Gill, Gartner cloud analyst, we heard that “IaaS is just horsepower, platform services on top is really what people are looking for from the cloud.”

David Cappuccio, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, talked about the top 10 technology trends that impact I&O and that fall under three areas — strategic, tactical and organizational. One of the biggest points under strategic was the trend about disappearing data centers:

“Gartner predicts that by 2020, more compute power will have been sold by infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) cloud providers than sold and deployed into enterprise data centers. Most enterprises — unless very small — will continue to have an on-premises (or hosted) data center capability. However, with most compute power moving to IaaS providers, enterprises and vendors need to focus on managing and leveraging the hybrid combination of on-premises, off-premises, cloud and non cloud architectures.”

Cappuccio reinforced that “these trends … will have direct impacts on how IT delivers services to the business over the next five years.”

Some of these challenges are exactly what we are solving with HyperCloud™.

All in all, it was an awesome week, and we’re glad to have some exciting follow-ups with the customers we connected with there, and we welcome all who stopped by to check out our solutions at HyperGrid.com and others to request a meeting where we can tell you more about how we solve the top of mind challenges around IT spend, security, governance, control and the cloud.


Manoj Nair joins HyperGrid from HPE where he was GM and VP of Product Management for Converged Infrastructure. His team was responsible for driving the Product Strategy and Roadmap across all elements of the Converged Portfolio & Infrastructure Management. Prior to HPE, Manoj was SVP leading strategy and R&D for the Public Cloud solutions at EMC. This was an incubation team working across the EMC federation of companies. Previously, Manoj was SVP & GM at RSA – responsible for IAM & Authentication product lines. Previously he led R&D and Product Management for RSA Security Management portfolio. Manoj also led R&D for EMC's internal incubation project, EMC Infoscape, as well as the architecture of the EMC PowerPath product family. Manoj has also held development and research positions at Data General, Novell and US NSF funded Research Labs. He is also the holder of over a dozen patents granted by USPTO in Systems Software, File systems, Information Management and Security. Manoj holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Clemson University. Forbes Technology Council, Official Member 2018

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