Fortune 500 Real Estate Firm Deploys Apps 2.5x Faster through Infrastructure Transformation

A Fortune 500 real estate company utilizing multiple cloud platforms (including Microsoft Azure and AWS) for both development and production activities needed an integrated cloud management platform.  The customer was experiencing several acute issues:

  • Cost control over shadow IT. Developers were incurring significant expenses without IT oversight
  • Security and privacy risks. IT was not able to apply governance processes to activities in public clouds
  • Lack of visibility. Use of multiple clouds impaired IT’s ability to oversee resource utilization and infrastructure cost from a single console.
  • IT bottlenecks. Manual deployment processes left the business waiting for new applications and updates.
  • Orphaned legacy apps. Prohibitive expenses held back efforts to modernize and migrate legacy apps to lower-cost infrastructure.

Steps to Transformation

The customer had evaluated a wide set of solutions (including vRealize Automation and Red Hat CloudForms)  but most provided rigid VM-based software provisioning with limited extensibility or support for containers.

The customer turned to us to leverage HyperForm, a cloud fabric that is a key part of the HyperCloud™ platform, to automate the provisioning of VMs, applications and containers across multiple clouds.

Getting Control of Multiple Clouds with HyperForm

The customer used HyperForm to get complete control of multiple clouds.  HyperForm:

  • Mobilized both traditional three-tiered and new micro-service based workloads to run across 18+ public clouds and private clouds
  • Freed application developers to leverage the toolsets and clouds that suit their goals
  • Provided complete clarity, control and governance for the customer’s IT organization regardless of where workloads were developed and deployed.

HyperForm – Simple Steps to Installation

The customer automated the provisioning of VMs, applications and containers across multiple clouds using these simple steps:

  1. Installed HyperForm On-Premises
  2. Registered multiple cloud providers and configured granular entitlements and quota policies to prevent the underutilization of resources and insecure access policies
  3. Published IT-blessed machine blueprints to standardize the provisioning of VMs to eliminate IT bottlenecks for rapid, controlled VM delivery
  4. Containerized existing .NET applications “on the fly” with no code change
  5. Published cloud-agnostic blueprints for database and platform services like MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, LAMP Stack, multi-tier Java apps, and the .NET framework.
  6. Leveraged HyperForm’s REST APIs to integrate with ServiceNow for self-service request of VMs and application blueprints along with day-2 operations to apply updates, scale out and monitor provisioned services


The customer was able to achieve the following gains across multiple clouds:

  • Accelerate application deployment times by 2.5x through self-service rapid provisioning of VMs and apps.  The time to deliver infrastructure and app services was reduced 60%.
  • Reduce underutilized VMs by 50%, minimizing over-provisioning through full insight into VM usage and the ability to reclaim underutilized VMs.
  • Eliminate shadow IT, lowering indirect costs

Next step

Visit our website to try HyperCloud™ and learn  more about how HyperCloud™ can help you achieve your IT objectives.  HyperCloud™ uniquely addresses enterprise IT needs by combining IaaS, PaaS, and applications services on premises with security and governance for application management.

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