Evaluator Group: TCO Analysis of HyperCloud™

I have been at HyperGrid for almost five months and one thing that is coming up again and again, is that it is very difficult for IT to really compare costs across different platforms. Comparing the cost of an upfront, all-in-one purchase to a lower monthly charge to make an informed business decision is not easy. New roles in IT have been defined to read cloud bills and to create models comparing cloud to in-house IT and compare subscriptions and leases versus outright purchases.

We wanted to make it easy for IT to compare other options to HyperCloud™ and we partnered with The Evaluator Group to do that. The team used a baseline workload that was created for the IOmark and VMmark testing suites and published by VMware. This workload is a combination of three applications; a web server with a supporting database, an email server, and an OLTP database server.

HyperCloud™ was compared against AWS and a hyperconverged infrastructure. As you can see, HyperCloud™ has significant economies of scale benefits over AWS while ensuring IT has a higher level of control with the infrastructure within the four walls of your data center.

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