#DockerCon 2017 – Key Takeaways

This year’s #DockerCon included the participation of more than five thousand global vendors and attendees. We sponsored DockerCon this year for 5 main reasons we recently outlined on our blog and we’re excited about recently announcing the availability of a certified volume plugin for the HyperCloud™ Block Storage Service in the Docker Store.

Throughout the 3 days of DockerCon we saw a consistent flow of people through our booth, and getting to share the benefits of #HyperCloud™ led to great conversations and customer engagements.

DockerCon covered all aspects of Docker and its ecosystem and spoke to #Developers, #DevOps, #Ops, #System Administrators and C­-level executives. It was a great exchange on learning how others are using the Docker platform and containers.

I’ve captured some of the key takeaways from the conference below.

DockerCon Key Takeaways

The two main themes that resonated the most with the attendees were #Automation and #Governance.

  • Most of the attendees at DockerCon are sold on the application portability and agility benefits of containers – but realize that rolling out container services on premises still requires a great deal of manual workflows. For these #DevOps and IT professionals, automating mundane, repetitive tasks becomes critical to achieving deployment agility and lowering operational expenses. The attendees that came by the HyperGrid booth were extremely excited about #HyperCloud’s full-stack enterprise cloud that automates container workflows at all layers of the stack. From automating the provisioning #Docker Swarm Clusters, to automating the creation and mounting of block storage volumes leveraging HyperCloud’s certified Docker volume plugin, to finally automating the containerization and deployment of both existing legacy applications as well as microservices.
  • The excitement around #container agility has also left many IT and security professional wondering if the #DevOps workflows implemented are secure. Many of the attendees were concerned about securing network interfaces for containers,  eliminating the “noisy neighbor” problem as containers fight for resources on the underlying machines, ensuring that only secured images from trusted sources are used across the organization, preventing unauthorized binaries from getting executed at runtime inside the containers, securing communication paths across different layers of our deployed applications, and controlling quotas, entitlements, and approval workflows across the organization. Most of the attendees were pleased to know that #HyperCloud™ enables DevSecOps with 5-layers of security delivering prevention controls to ensure the security of applications – from fine-grained access control that enforces role-based access privileges at the container level — to network isolation and segmentation to secure multi-tier applications across different environments. A proper security framework within a DevSecOps workflow should provide both built-in prevention and detection, that is managed as a seamless process with the lifecycle of the application.
  • Many IT professionals are concerned about the operational challenges in managing containers in upstream environments and their concerns are amplified by the fact that building full-stack container management solutions are largely DIY. In many cases, professional services are almost a must for putting together all these solutions. Apart from complexity of integration, there is ongoing complexity of keeping things running across upgrades and patches. Moreover, many attendees expressed concern about the economic model for IT in general. Typically, IT expenditure requires large upfront capital and entails long budget cycles across a bunch of different vendors for software, hardware (compute, storage, networking.) This forces IT to spend before ensuring it will drive business success. The attendees that came by the HyperGrid booth were extremely excited HyperCloud™ bringing together the best of both worlds, by delivering a public cloud-like services on-premises, making it easy for IT to consume resources and pay only for use. Customers get seamless scale and high performance infrastructure as a service that powers all platform, application, and container services.

All in all, these 3 days were extremely engaging and inspiring, and we see how #HyperCloud™ is really resonating with our customers.  We also undertook a survey and will be sharing the results in the next few days.

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