5 Reasons HyperGrid is going to ROCK #DockerCon

Containers have been the driving force behind efforts to accelerate software development, move to the cloud, and modernize legacy applications. In our previous posts in this series we covered the ways that HyperCloud™ accelerates the adoption of containers and enables use cases to drive business agility:

#5 Automate the Provisioning of Docker Swarm Clusters on HyperCloud™ or any other Cloud

#4 Running Stateful Apps on Containers with Persistent Storage using HyperCloud’s Docker Volume Plugin

#3 Enable DevSecOps for Your Development and Deployment on Containers

#2 Modernize Your Apps Without Making a Single Code Change

And now we get to #1.

#1 – A full-stack cloud solution for containers with no upfront costs and a pay-as-you-go consumption model

In this post, we’ll focus on the key challenges that IT organizations face, resulting from the pressure to move towards agile deployment models for containers and scalable application architectures.

IT Challenges

Firstly, we believe that the economic model for IT is broken. Typically, IT expenditure requires large upfront capital and entails long budget cycles across  a bunch of different vendors for software, hardware (compute, storage, networking.) This forces IT to spend before ensuring it will drive business success and makes it almost impossible for IT to accommodate new projects unless already budgeted for. What is needed is for IT to pay-as-you-grow-the-business – paying for as little as needed without any upfront budgets.

Secondly, IT solutions are built based on solutions from multiple vendors and largely DIY – in many cases, professional services are almost a must for putting together all these solutions. Apart from complexity of integration, there is ongoing complexity of keeping things running across upgrades and patches. A lot of IT Ops efforts are spent on mundane, repetitive tasks just to keep things going. What is needed is a solution that does not require IT to build the stack, but rather provides the entire stack as a single solution.

Thirdly, with ever changing technology landscape and evolving business needs, IT is forced to be on a treadmill of learning new technologies and re-training existing staff. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to find IT specialists and it’s almost impossible to assume that IT has the bandwidth to keep learning all the time. IT needs a solution that is simple to use and internalizes new technologies and tools without exposing IT to any learning curve.

Fourthly, businesses have been going directly to the public cloud – for its PAYG economics, on-demand service and ability to support agile development. Unfortunately, this has left IT ops with little control over DevOps and developer usage significantly increasing the risk of non-compliance and security. What is needed is a solution that seamlessly brings back control to IT Ops, while preserving public-cloud like workflows for DevOps and developers.

HyperCloud™ – A Full-Stack Solution for Containers

HyperGrid addresses these challenges and brings together the best of two worlds that separately address some key enterprise requirements. On the one hand, on-premises solutions give security, control and governance. Also, with on-premises solutions, IT continues to have familiar tools, processes and people. This alleviates the issue with shortage of skill sets. On the other hand, public cloud services hold appeal since they meet business needs for agile development and innovation, provide resources on-demand with customers paying only for what they use.

HyperCloud™ is a full-stack Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service with a comprehensive set of services for containers. HyperCloud™ truly brings together the best of both worlds, by delivering a public cloud-like services on-premises, making it easy for IT to consume resources and pay only for use. Customers get seamless scale and high performance infrastructure as a service that powers all platform and application services. It also provides a comprehensive set of functionality for IT Ops to set policies that are largely invisible to DevOps and developers – thereby not inhibiting their need for agility, auto-scale and access resources on-demand. Finally, HyperCloud™ has 24×7 monitoring to deliver proactive support for any issues.

HyperCloud™ Container Service on Docker Swarm

Automate the provisioning of Docker Swarm and Docker Universal Control Plane Clusters on 18 clouds and virtualization platforms – including HyperCloud™, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and many others. A self-service library enables the provisioning of IT approved infrastructure to set up the Docker Swarm Clusters in seconds.

  • With role-based access controls, entitlements, approval, quota and cost metering policies, IT administrators can manage both VM and container usage in Docker Swarm Clusters across the enterprise with cost visibility that promotes better control over spending.

HyperCloud™ Block Storage Service with a Certified Docker Volume Plugin

HyperCloud™ provides automated, self-service provisioning and mounting of high performance (SSD) block storage volumes for I/O intensive applications running on Linux or Windows, VMs or Containers. With a certified Docker Volume Plugin, deploying stateful applications on containers can be done in a single click while adhering to IT-defined entitlements, approvals, quotas, and quality of service (QoS) policies.

HyperCloud™ Application Service

HyperCloud™ accelerates the migration of legacy applications to containers without having to make a single code change. What we call  on-the-fly containerization capabilities  in HyperCloud™ allow users to “lift and shift” existing Java and .NET applications to containers while taking care of complex application dependencies, automatic service discovery, auto-scaling and integration with any external service (e.g. storage, networking, logging, etc.). HyperCloud™ can transform non-cloud-native legacy applications into completely portable applications that can take advantage of auto scaling and deployment agility on any cloud.

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