5 Must-See HyperCloud™ Demos at VMworld 2017

#1 Automating Container and Application Services

We’re so excited to be sponsoring VMworld this year. It’s been a big year for us so far. We recently announced the launch of new HyperCloud™ release, the industry’s first on-premises pay as you use pricing model, and enhanced cloud transparency capability.

Building on our partnership with VMware, we wanted to provide a sneak-peak into five must-see HyperCloud™ demos at VMworld and countdown to the conference starting August 27.

Many organizations are looking to deliver applications to enable new business opportunities. The reliance on new applications to drive competitive advantage increases the risk for organizations that may not have the right technology, processes or expertise to drive such initiatives. The search for speed in the software supply chain, fueled by agile methodologies and DevOps practices, has put tremendous pressure on IT organizations to move towards agile deployment models and scalable application architectures while enforcing and maintaining security and governance. Containers have undoubtedly been the driving force behind efforts to accelerate software development, cloud migration, and the modernization of legacy applications.

The challenge that most IT organizations face when delivering application and container services in general lies with the manual processes required to deliver these services and the complexity of a piece-part approach for putting these services together. To provision a Docker Swarm Cluster for example, IT admins may end up going through several manual steps like provisioning multiple networked host machines, then installing Docker Engine on each of these machines, then initializing Docker Swarm Manager on one of the nodes, and finally executing yet more command line scripts in order for the remaining nodes to join the Docker Swarm Cluster.

In the absence of automated workflows, the IT organization is usually stuck with manual processes that result in long waits experienced by application development teams and rising operational expenses.

HyperCloud™ addresses these challenges by automating the provisioning of application and container services on 18 clouds and virtualization platforms – including HyperCloud™, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and many others.

In this demo, we will cover the following:

  • HyperCloud’s advanced application modeling and automated deployment available for both virtualized and container-based application workloads.
    • Containerize existing applications without making a single code change and using the existing skill sets within your organization.
    • Provision applications leveraging:
      • IT-blessed scripts (e.g. BASH, PowerShell, Puppet, etc.) that can be invoked at 20 different life-cycle events (triggers) to standardize application deployment on any infrastructure
      • Data injection to support dynamic application dependencies in multi-VM or multi-container deployments
    • Creating Docker Swarm clusters on VMware vSphere VMs with advanced governance controls allowing administrators to configure approvals, trusted blueprints, the application lease, default network security policies, runtime privileges, and runtime constraints on resources (e.g. maximum amount of CPU and Memory) for containerized applications.
  • The self-service library in HyperCloud™ enabling one-click deployment of application and container services. All provisioning workflows initiated through the self-service library adhere to IT-defined governance controls, entitlements, approvals and quota policies – allowing IT to be in full control while providing agility and flexibility to application development teams.
  • HyperCloud’s life-cycle management operations for both infrastructure, application and container services – allowing teams to access to monitoring, backup, in-browser terminals, log analysis, scale in or out, continuous delivery workflows and applications updates to speed up DevOps processes. By adopting automated lifecycle management, IT can automate downstream operations, lowering the cost to apply patches, scale out resources, and update configurations.

You can learn even more about HyperCloud™ and how we enable transformation from virtualization at VMworld, August 27 – 31, 2017, at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, booth #218.

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