Technology Partners

HyperGrid partners with the market leaders in both public cloud and on-premises computing to support enterprises and service providers seeking a single pane of glass to manage hybrid and multi cloud environments.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global cloud-based products including compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security and enterprise applications. HyperGrid is a member of Amazon Web Services Partner Program, helping enterprises and managed service providers manage and deploy workloads running on the AWS platform, to optimize cost, security, and governance.


HyperGrid is part of the VMware Technology Alliance Program (TAP), VMware Solution Provider Program, and VMware Service Provider Partner Programs. HyperGrid solutions work with VMware products across the Software Defined Data Center, End User Computing and Hybrid Cloud areas – on premises or in the public cloud, delivering solutions to VMware’s enterprises and managed service providers.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides integrated cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications through a global network of datacenters. HyperGrid’s partnership with Microsoft Azure simplifies the management of applications, VMs, and workloads within the Microsoft Azure Cloud and the Microsoft Hyper-V on-prem environment for complete hybrid and multi-cloud management for enterprises and managed service providers. HyperGrid's platform is featured on the Azure Marketplace .


HyperGrid delivers on the promise of easy-to-deploy and manage cloud solutions built on the Microsoft technology stack. HyperGrid works with Microsoft across several Microsoft technologies. HyperGrid is a Microsoft Gold OEM, providing an infrastructure platform purpose-built for the Windows technology environment. HyperGrid is also part of the Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track Program, based on HyperCloud’s Microsoft-validated Windows and Hyper-V based private cloud solution. HyperGrid is also part of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, with a high-performance Private-Cloud-in-a-Box built purpose-built solution for the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is engineered to handle the data-intensive workloads organizations need to make intelligent decisions. HyperCloud™ enables the centralized management of workloads across clouds, including GCP, so organizations can make informed conclusions and take action for a fast, positive impact to the business. With HyperCloud, enterprises and managed service providers can effectively build out services and drive revenue on GCP.


HyperGrid and Docker have a shared goal of bringing containers to the enterprise. HyperGrid’s HyperCloud™ platform makes it easier for enterprises to roll out Docker across a wide range of applications, with capabilities including enterprise application modeling, deployment, service discovery and lifecycle management. HyperGrid’s HyperCloud™ Block Storage Volume Plugin is Docker Certified and available in the Docker Store. HyperCloud’s extensive set of Docker application templates include multi-tier Java stacks, LAMP, LAOP & LAPP stacks, Node.js, Rails, Python, Mongo Replica Set, Couchbase Cluster, MEAN.JS, Wordpress, Drupal, and others.


HyperGrid is a member of the Intel® Cloud Builders program. This cross-industry initiative brings together leading members of the cloud ecosystem to deliver a choice of optimized software-defined infrastructure solutions.


HyperGrid is an HPE server OEM partner. HyperGrid’s HyperCloud™ offering can be deployed on-premises with HPE ProLiant servers.


HyperGrid is a Dell server OEM partner. HyperGrid’s HyperCloud™ offering can be deployed on-premises with Dell servers.


HyperGrid’s innovative solution built for virtualization, has been verified as Citrix Ready®. The Citrix Ready program helps customers identify third-party solutions that are recommended to enhance virtualization, networking and cloud computing solutions from Citrix. Customers can be confident that HyperGrid has successfully passed a series of tests established by Citrix, and can be trusted to work effectively with CloudPlatform.


HyperGrid and Leostream have partnered together to deliver simplified hosted and virtual desktop management, making complex hosted and virtual desktop infrastructures a reality for enterprises worldwide.


HyperGrid and Workspot are working closely together to bring Workspot's VDI 2.0 vision to market with an as-a-service consumption model.

Sureline Systems

HyperGrid and Sureline have made it simple for enterprises to migrate applications to and from HyperCloud™ including including physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to virtual (V2V) migrations.

5Nine Software

5nine Software is the leading virtualization security and management solution for Hyper-V with more than 75,000 satisfied users worldwide. HyperGrid and 5nine partner to deliver integrated solutions to help customers reach the full potential of their virtual infrastructure.

Red Hat

As a member of the Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners program, HyperGrid supports the Red Hat Container Registry and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. HyperGrid's on-premises software also integrates with Red Hat Container Registry, meaning enterprises can leverage the power of Docker containers for their DevOps teams while continuing to standardize on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for running applications.

The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux and collaborative software development. As a silver member and a past sponsor of ContainerCon, HyperGrid supports container initiatives driven by the Linux Foundation - including The Open Container Initiative (OCI).