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DCHQ Is Now HyperForm And Is Part Of HyperGrid, Inc.

By | July 26, 2016

We are delighted to announce that DCHQ Inc. is merging with Gridstore, Inc., the leader in hyper-converged all flash infrastructure, to form an exciting new company called HyperGrid. The DCHQ platform will now be called HyperForm and will be part of a more holistic, game-changing HyperConverged Infrastructure delivered as-a-service that delivers the simplest, most flexible consumption based IT infrastructure.

Gridstore’s all-flash Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solution was already a leader in the space delivering the much-needed simplicity to set up compute, network and storage in the data center. Compared to converged infrastructure solutions, which are often various pieces of disparate equipment in the same rack, Gridstore offered vast improvements in scalability, performance, management and VM density. Gridstore’s unique architecture delivers the most flexible scaling that separates storage from compute and extremely efficient fault tolerance through erasure coding to minimize the TCO.

While HCI delivers scalable, reliable and cost-effective infrastructure to companies, Enterprise IT continues to be challenged to keep up with the demands of the business to deliver applications & services faster — with the lines of business often resorting to the public cloud for the on-demand consumption and elasticity needed.

With DCHQ joining HyperGrid, infrastructure agility and application automation can be delivered on-premises to accelerate application development, testing and migration. HyperForm now has access to HyperGrid’s overall infrastructure services (HyperVue) that can be instantly provisioned via APIs, very much like the public cloud, at better performance, tighter control and lower costs – giving IT Ops and developers more flexibility and choice without compromises.

Moreover, HyperGrid is now the only HyperConverged Infrastructure delivered as-a-service that is delivered via an open, distributed platform with a pay-for-usage model that requires little upfront costs and on/off premises options.

With the DCHQ team now part of HyperGrid, we will double down on our commitment to simplify the application journey to containers and provide the infrastructure & application automation needed to accelerate application development, testing and migration.

  • HyperForm will continue to integrate with public clouds for infrastructure automation (including compute, network and storage) as well as virtualization platforms like Hyper-V
  • On-the-fly containerization of existing enterprise applications (e.g. enterprise Java apps & .NET) will continue to be an area of focus to accelerate application deployment and migration
  • HyperForm will deliver advanced automation for Windows containers
  • Delivering persistent storage through HyperGrid’s state of the art flash offering to applications will be a key investment — ensuring full automation of all application storage management tasks like creating, mounting and taking snapshots of external volumes

We are excited to embark on this journey at HyperGrid and look forward to working with all of you. Rest assured that all existing accounts will continue to work and we encourage you to continue to use the HyperForm platform. Also, please stay tuned for the new HyperGrid hosting services.

You can sign up for a free account on HyperForm SaaS or download HyperForm On-Premise Standard Edition for free.

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