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System Architecture

HyperCloud® Modules

Our HyperCloud® Intelligent Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is available as a full platform or by individual modules. Each module is packed with powerful capabilities to deliver the solution you need.

Available in 3 Modules

  • 1 monthly
    • Cloud Planning
    • Module
    • Manage cloud complexity with best practices that optimize performance, reduce costs and maximize availability across multiple cloud providers with the industry’s most comprehensive data set of cloud resource pricing and capabilities
  • 2 monthly
    • Cloud GovSec
    • Module
    • Control cloud costs, mitigate security risks and ensure compliance in complex hybrid and multicloud deployments with real-time visibility, continuous configuration monitoring and user controlled auto-remediation capabilities
  • 3 monthly
    • Cloud Orchestration
    • Module
    • Deliver agile cloud-ops with native Terraform integration, multi-cloud Kubernetes control and role-based guardrails that enforce policy and integrate security, compliance and governance checks directly into the development pipeline

Features by Module

  • Provide visibility and control for complex multi-cloud environments and leverage best practices from our comprehensive cloud resource data set
  • Eliminate surprise bills and get a clear understanding of costs with intelligent workload placement, cloud bill analysis, and continuous cost optimization that stops overprovisioning
  • Deploy with confidence by including comprehensive disaster recovery strategies into your cloud migration plans
  • Minimize the attack surface in the cloud with a comprehensive set of security controls that complement the cloud provider tools to successfully navigate public cloud shared security models
  • Control security status in real time and remediate problems before they have consequences using continuous configuration monitoring with user defined auto-remediation options
  • Sustain audit readiness with continuous compliance for key industry standards, even in multi-cloud environments with differing capabilities and controls
  • Enable agile cloud-ops without giving up security, governance and compliance with both Brokered and Direct cloud options that provide appropriate, tunable guard rails for all user roles
  • Deploy faster with self-service access to any cloud without losing visibility through our “on the side” cloud management for VMs, Containers or Serverless apps
  • Streamline DevOps CI/CD process with API integration to key release tools for automation, application management and reporting