Delivers the benefits of all-flash storage with convenient as-a-service pricing for applications that aren’t yet running on HyperGrid infrastructure. Optimizes data retrieval and eliminates over-provisioning.

The cure for high-maintenance, large-footprint systems

Traditional storage arrays are slower, and hamper performance in a number of ways:

  • Inability to prioritize I/O. Storage arrays can implement QoS only inside the array, and so can’t minimize the impact of “noisy neighbors” on your most critical apps.
  • Inefficient use of resources. After performing replication and mirroring, only one-third of the physical space of typical arrays is usable, increasing costs.
  • Higher chance of failure. Physical spinning disks are more prone to failure than all-flash solutions.
  • Increased maintenance. Conventional storage networks require you to install and maintain a separate switch to provide access to storage.

Get all-flash performance with cloud-like pricing

Enjoy flexible, scalable storage-as-a-service delivered from a hyperconverged platform on a pay-per-use basis:

  • QoS controls. Adjust data retrieval parameters to prioritize critical applications.
  • All-flash advantage. Reduce costs by making maximum use of available storage space with all-flash’s smaller footprint.
  • Maximize existing infrastructure investments. Boost performance for applications and containers that haven’t yet moved to our HyperGrid infrastructure.
  • Inline erasure encoding. Protect data before it leaves the host and eliminate the need for replicas.
  • Linear scaling and pricing. Add capacity as needed with pay-as-you-go pricing.
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