Self-Service Provisioning

Offer a customized self-service catalog to your users for single-click provisioning to any cloud of choice

Use our extensive library of cloud-agnostic blueprints for instant provisioning to any cloud. Tailor the experience based on user roles for responsible use of cloud

Enterprise catalog

Promote agility with an app-store experience for your enterprise library with cloud-agnostic blueprints

  • Comprehensive self-service library with over 400 templates that can be customized or used as is
  • Extensive catalog of templates with multi-container, multi-VM, and bare-metal blueprints
  • Model within minutes with a drag and drop approach to create an application blueprint

Instant blueprint provisioning

Powerful extensibility capabilities for highly functional yet flexible model for deploying apps across private and public clouds

  • Deliver ease of use with single-click provisioning to any cloud provider
  • Orchestrate everything through templates, from infrastructure to the entire multi-tier application stack
  • Simplify application lifecycle management with automated operations for post provision updates, and CI/CD workflows

Always-on governance

Ensure compliance with users able to view and provision only entitled blueprints

  • Frictionless governance with role-based views of entitled resources through the self-service library
  • Eliminate resource wastage with decommissioning policies that shut down or release resources after certain triggers
  • Encourage cost-effective cloud choices through cost profiles associated with blueprints

Self Service Resources

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