Intelligent Workload Placement

Proactively optimize your cloud choices based on real-time cloud comparisons

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Intelligently manage your applications across your cloud infrastructure. Continually optimize for cost, performance and compliance across the different clouds, to pick the right cloud for your workload.

Actionable Insights

Increase your cloud efficiency and reduce costs with continuous optimization

  • Identify spending patterns with billing analytics, get detailed views of your cloud spend history
  • Maximize your cloud savings with actionable recommendations based on your workload performance
  • Effectively pinpoint wasted resources, underutilized instances and get re-sizing recommendations

Identify the best-fit cloud

Compare millions of available public cloud options in minutes to determine the most optimal cloud

  • Intelligently provision your workloads with normalized cloud cost comparison data
  • Always stay current on cloud vendor service offerings and their costs through
  • Navigate the cloud efficiently with cross cloud instance optimization recommendations

Intelligent Placement Resources