Hybrid Cloud Management

Streamline and simplify management of your private cloud and public cloud resources

Unify your private cloud and public cloud resources and manage them seamlessly from a single pane of glass. Effectively leverage best of breed cloud capabilities with a consistent view for application provisioning, monitoring, and lifecycle management.

Unified Management

Effectively manage your public cloud and private cloud from a single pane of glass

  • Simplify management with automated provisioning and lifecycle management for both infrastructure and application services across clouds
  • Enable self-service with cloud agnostic blueprints for multi-VM and multi-container applications for single-click deployment to any cloud
  • Define governance policies once and deploy across clouds for consistent control and usage

Cloudify your infrastructure

Intelligence and automation to bring cloud-like agility into your datacenter

  • Proactively manage the health of your private cloud and resources with continuous monitoring and alerts
  • Increase the agility and efficiency of your datacenter with automated services delivery
  • Unify resources under a single platform for improved consumption and an increased return on your investment

Pick the right cloud for your workloads

Seamlessly extend into the public cloud

  • Simplify cross cloud operations with centralized management from a single pane of glass
  • Increase IT productivity and reduce ramp up times with a single platform for management across public and private clouds
  • Scale easily to multiple clouds with cloud-agnostic service management