Cloud Security and Governance

Integrated controls that span the cloud lifecycle enabling IT to maintain oversight and minimize security risks

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Ensure governance and compliance policies are effectively supported, minimizing risk and exposure to the organization. Automate workflows and policies governing user actions, right from provisioning resources or blueprints via the enterprise store to resource decommissioning.

User Governance

Establish roles and define responsibilities to enable access to the cloud resources that teams need to be productive

  • Define and manage privileges with multiple roles and role hierarchies that govern access
  • Trusted templates for self-service. Only IT-approved and hardened blueprints enabled to minimize security risks
  • Automate approval workflows to ensure oversight on select templates. Always ensure quick processing of provisioning requests

Operational Governance

Ensure day to day compliance through consistent, automated, policy-based cloud management

  • Continuously monitor user actions through automated alerts and audit trails
  • Proactively manage all your cloud resources with a single dashboard view populated by real-time data
  • End to end cloud lifecycle management with automated decommissioning of cloud resources

Financial Governance

Accurately monitor, optimize, and control your cloud spend

  • Establish guardrails with hard or soft quota limits and entitlements for cloud resource access
  • Accurately and precisely manage cloud spend with cost profiles assigned to blueprints
  • Encourage cost-effective cloud decisions with showback or chargeback for internal lines of business

Security & Governance Resources

Solution Brief

Governance with HyperCloud™

Governance and compliance policies in the past have largely been manual and have introduced additional delays to requests for resources. Learn how you can eliminate delays and enforce governance and compliance in a frictionless manner with HyperCloud™

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Case Study

Global real estate firm uses HyperCloud™ to gain control over shadow IT

With the ease of access to cloud computing resources, the IT team at a global real-estate firm was having difficulty maintaining control of resource across public clouds. Learn how they leveraged HyperCloud™ to gain control over shadow IT and accelerate innovation across legacy applications

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