Cloud Security and Governance

Integrated controls that span the cloud lifecycle enabling IT to maintain oversight and minimize security risks

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Automated workflows and policies to govern user action wthout introducing delays. Minimize risk and exposure through frictionless governance controls at scale spanning the entire cloud lifecycle

The HyperGrid Difference

Integrated Governance

Automated approval workflows with granualar resource controls for frictionless governance

Compliance Dashboard

Instantly pin-point non-compliant resources and trace back to cloud accounts

Secure Cloud Use

SecOps integrated through security policies for data protection in the cloud

Real-time Compliance Monitoring

Ensure day to day compliance through consistent, automated, policy-based cloud management

  • Compliance Dashboard to visually map the status of all your resources
  • Ensure Organizational Compliance. Instantly pinpoint non-compliant resources and link to user activity
  • Resource Tagging to ensure oversight. Filter, monitor and generate sshowback reports based on tags

Secure Your Cloud

Ensure data security through comprehensive controls for network security and monitoring in cloud

  • Continuously monitor user actions  Track user actions with granular audit trails
  • Secure your data. With comprehensive network security that include VPC management, Network ACLs and more
  • Enforce best practices. Define best practices for your resources to monitor in granualar detail

Security & Governance Resources

Solution Brief

Governance with HyperCloud™

Governance and compliance policies in the past have largely been manual and have introduced additional delays to requests for resources. Learn how you can eliminate delays and enforce governance and compliance in a frictionless manner with HyperCloud™

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Case Study

Global real estate firm uses HyperCloud™ to gain control over shadow IT

With the ease of access to cloud computing resources, the IT team at a global real-estate firm was having difficulty maintaining control of resource across public clouds. Learn how they leveraged HyperCloud™ to gain control over shadow IT and accelerate innovation across legacy applications

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