Cloud Security and Governance

Integrated controls that span the cloud lifecycle enabling IT to maintain oversight and minimize security risks

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Ensure governance and compliance policies are effectively supported, minimizing risk and exposure to the organization. Automate workflows and policies governing user actions, right from provisioning resources or blueprints via the enterprise store to resource decommissioning.

User Governance

Ensure that the right roles have visibility and access to the specific resources they need to be productive

  • Define roles and hierarchies to align access while minimizing risk
  • Empower developers with the tools they need with IT-approved and hardened blueprints to enable self-service while minimzing security risks
  • Accelerate development with automated approval workflows for quick processing of provisioning requests

Operational Governance

Complete audit of user actions ensures accountability

  • Automated alerts and audit trails for continuous monitoring of activities and changes
  • Real-time monitoring of cloud usage reduces risk
  • Proactive management of all data and resources with a centralized view through a single pane of glass

Financial Governance

Accurately monitor, optimize, and control your cloud spend

  • Enforce hard or soft quota limits and entitlements as guardrails for cloud resource access
  • Assign cost profiles to blueprints to accurately and precisely manage cloud spend
  • Implement showback or chargeback to enable business units to make cost-effective cloud decisions