Cloud Migration Assessments

Plan with data-driven intelligence, to ensure successful cloud migrations

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Cloud Migration Assessments

Accelerate your cloud migration strategy with a clear understanding of the different public cloud choices without adding in-house expertise. Automate cloud instance planning and selection based on your existing data center infrastructure and resource usage. Streamline your cloud migration planning with a simple framework backed by HyperCloud™ Analytics

Migration Assessments with HyperCloud™

Build a sound cloud strategy for AWS, Azure or Google with automated migration assessments to expedite your cloud planning process. Discover and right-size your on-premises infrastructure. Automate cloud instance choices with HyperCloud for applications or workloads based on your historic usage for the best fit.

Intelligent Cloud Choices

Justify investments with full confidence supported by data-driven comparison reports

Automated Right-Sizing

Right-size your data center to improve utilization before you build your cloud migration plan

Financial Assessments

Gain visiblity into cloud TCO through reports that narrow down milions of options into top recommendations

Single pane for infrastructure migrations

Your final custom cloud migration plan built on HyperCloud’s framework of 4 essential steps

  • Discover and Visualize your on-premises infrastructure usage using a single dashboard
  • Right-size and Forecast. Accurately factor in your cloud costs based on right-sized requirements

Migration Reports and Instance Recommendations

Everything you need to make an informed decision in a complex environment right at your fingertips

  • Pick the best fit. Select based on past and projected usage, performance, compliance requirements, and cost
  • Create a prioritized cloud transition plan. Identify workloads that can be moved to the cloud with minimal effort

Solution Brief

Effective migration planning needs to start with evaluating current footprint to determine how the move will affect all functional and non-functional areas of the organization. Having a framework for assessment will streamline migration efforts, whether an enterprise plans to undertake this project on its own or with the help of a cloud service provider. HyperCloud™ Analytics provides intelligence backed by 400+ million benchmarked data-points to enable enterprises to make the right choices for the organization. 

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Solution Brief

Cloud Migration Assessment Services

As customers look to MSPs to provide guidance around a number of these key decisions around the cloud, HyperCloud™ provides capabilities that allows them to perform a comprehensive evaluation of customers current environment, and help build a robust cloud strategy. Learn how you can build a migration practice with this solution brief.

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Case Study

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