Cloud Cost Management

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Cloud Cost Management

As organizations pursued cloud without a clearly defined approach, IT found themselves with an “accidental” multi-cloud strategy and worse, complex cloud bills. Organizations that do not have financial governance in place find themselves deep into the problem with spiraling cloud costs and lengthy cloud bills. CIOs are struggling with managing their cloud spend. CIOs need to have a full understanding of the cloud services they are leveraging, how they are performing, and the associated costs.


Gain visibility into spend

The first step to managing your cloud costs is to understand the spend across all the clouds the organization is leveraging. HyperCloud Analytics is a powerful platform to help manage the complex cloud bills.

  • Decipher complex cloud bills to clearly understand spend across different regions and clouds
  • Leverage dashboard views for consumption based on services and instance type
  • Identify more cost-effective services to lower cloud bills to optimize spend

Manage your costs

Considering costs upfront will ensure a healthy cloud usage policy and eliminates surprises in the bills. HyperCloud helps you stop resource waste proactively before the costs start snowballing where resources are retired as soon as they are no longer needed.

  • Ensure good cloud hygiene by turning off unused cloud services
  • Automate resource decommissioning to ensure resources are no longer billed for after use
  • Identify underutilized instances and take action based on recommendations; right-size or choose the optimal instance for your workload to minimize costs

Build organizational accountability

Allocate resources and build accountability around usage through quotas and entitlements for business units across the entire environment. Real-time cost data for cloud services empowers users to make the most informed decisions in terms of spend.

  • Leverage multi-tenancy and segment costs by business units for increased accountability
  • Implement showback or chargeback to simplify budget discussions
  • Enable a smart IT marketplace with cost profiles associated with each blueprint so informed decisions can be made during application design
  • Enforce quotas through automated governance policies

Optimize your workload placements

HyperCloud provides real-time analytics to intelligently manage and place your workloads in a multi-cloud environment. HyperCloud Analytics compares millions of options and normalizes pricing across the different clouds to present the most economical pricing plan for your workload based on its resource requirement.

  • Normalize pricing across regions to ensure a consistent cost comparison, simplifying the decision-making process
  • Real-time analytics empowers data-driven decisions ensures accurate spending now
  • Ensure optimized placement based on the cost, performance, and compliance requirements of a workload

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