AWS Instance Planning & Optimization

 Analytics-based, automated, AWS EC2 instance and service selection for your apps, optimized for performance and price

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Automate your AWS instance planning to find the right EC2 instances based on price and performance and other AWS services required for your application. Pick the right instances & services from recommendations based on over 400 million, benchmarked cloud instance and services permutations and your applications historic resource and service usage.

The HyperGrid Difference

Continuously optimize and reduce costs by right-sizing instances and intelligent RI selection and usage to optimize price and performance

Data-driven Instance Choice

Pick after predictive analytics considers 400+ million benchmarked instance combinations and usage

Right-Sized Cloud Instances

Act on recommendations of instance, region, price and perf that are best fit based on application history

Reserved Instance Strategy

Ensure your RIs are being used effectively. Plan new RIs based on your usage

AWS Instance Planning with Accuracy

Understand your AWS service and instance needs. Make smart decisions to maximize performance and minimize costs before deploying your application

  • Eliminate Guesswork. Pick the best EC2 instances for your virtual infrastructure using real-time cloud data and your historical usage considering equivalent performance and best price
  • Model Application Costs. Generate detailed, custom bill of materials with comparative pricing for your app deployment on AWS by automatically discovering and analysis your application needs and mapping it to the right AWS EC2 instances, operating system choices, network data rates, EBS and S3 bucket choices, ELB needs and much more

Intelligent EC2 Instance Right-Sizing

Recommendations to help you right-size AWS EC2 instances

  • Identify and eliminate cloud overspend. Right-size your instances for optimal performance and cost leveraging near realtime cloud instance price and performance data and historical usage
  • Continuous Instance Optimization. Based on your preference of provider and regions, optimized for performance, real time pricing and compliance

AWS Reserved Instance Optimization

Plan your AWS RI purchasing strategy to capture the maximum amount of cost savings

  • Maximize your RI usage. Ensure RIs that are already purchased are being used across your organization and eliminate wastage
  • Plan your RI purchases. Pick from curated RI options based on deep insights from your historic cloud and instance usage patterns and real time price vs performance

Solution Brief

Cloud Planning with HyperCloud™

Driven by the need to improve productivity and become agile, enterprises choose to move to the cloud. Migrating to the cloud without proper due diligence, or priorities in mind, make it hard for enterprises to get these projects right. HyperCloud™ helps enterprises navigate the complex, cloud ecosystem providing assistance in two key areas: Migration Assessments Application Planning Download the solution brief to learn more.

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Case Study

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Solution Brief

Effective migration planning needs to start with evaluating current footprint to determine how the move will affect all functional and non-functional areas of the organization. Having a framework for assessment will streamline migration efforts, whether an enterprise plans to undertake this project on its own or with the help of a cloud service provider. HyperCloud™ Analytics provides intelligence backed by 400+ million benchmarked data-points to enable enterprises to make the right choices for the organization. 

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