Cloud Application Planning

Model new apps or discover existing apps to simulate your cloud bill and forecast costs

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Application Migration Planning

Discover existing applications or model new ones to optimize for the cloud. Generate a detailed cloud bill of materials based on your preferences for cloud provider, regions, compliance and so forth to simulate your cloud costs post migration accurately.

The HyperGrid Difference

Optimize Footprint

Automated instance sizing and recommendations to maximize performance and minimize costs

Application Migration

Dependency mapping and modeling to build an accurate application migration plan

Compare & Contrast

Compare AWS, Azure and GCP to choose the optimal cloud for your applications

Application Migration Planning

Assess and model applications for the cloud to build an effective cloud migration strategy

  • Application modeling for the cloud. Model new applications with our simple drag and drop editor to get cloud cost forecasts
  • Application dependency mapping. Visualize your application dependencies to reliably determine the sequence of your migration

Predictive Cloud Costing

Real-time intelligence integrated with provisioning workflows to ensure you have the right data to pick the best-fit

  • Pick the optimal instance. Based on your preference of provider, region optimized for performance cost, and compliance
  • Optimize for cost savings. Get recommendations on how your can right-size your instances based on performance

Solution Brief

Effective migration planning needs to start with evaluating current footprint to determine how the move will affect all functional and non-functional areas of the organization. Having a framework for assessment will streamline migration efforts, whether an enterprise plans to undertake this project on its own or with the help of a cloud service provider. HyperCloud™ Analytics provides intelligence backed by 400+ million benchmarked data-points to enable enterprises to make the right choices for the organization. 

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Solution Brief

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