Solutions to help you manage any application on any cloud on any infrastructure with the HyperCloud™ intelligent cloud management platform.


Hybrid Cloud Management

Manage public and private clouds from a single platform

  • Deploy to public & private clouds
  • Simplify management and orchestration
  • Increase on-premises utilization
  • Support for hybrid and multi cloud environments
  • Reduce lock-in risks

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Cloud Cost Management

Create visibility to cloud costs & bring them under control

  • Cost reporting & visibility
  • Set hard and soft budget limits
  • Get recommendations on cost savings
  • Apply lease policies for groups of users
  • Shut down unused cloud resources
  • Optimize reserved instances

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Security & Governance

Implement robust security & governance practices across clouds

  • Enforce security groups & VPCs in the public cloud
  • Control access based on identity
  • Enforce policies for cloud usage
  • Set permissions for app publishing

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Self Service Provisioning

Let end users deploy and manage apps across clouds

  • Self service provisioning to deploy apps faster
  • Manage & monitor public & private clouds
  • Easy to use interface
  • Works with existing infrastructure
  • Improve on-premises utilization

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Application Modernization

Provide cloud-native benefits to existing virtualized applications

  • Containerize existing  apps with no code change
  • Get benefits of modern apps e.g., auto-scaling, service discovery
  • Accelerate DevOps adoption
  • Supports common app frameworks (Java, .NET) and container platforms (Docker, Kubernetes)

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Intelligent Placement

Pick the best cloud & instance for your application based on cost, performance and more

  • Build multi-tier applications on the fly
  • Define governance & security needs
  • Optimize instance type from 50M+ options
  • Automated cloud recommendations
  • One click deployment

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Multi Cloud Management

Manage multiple clouds of the same type from a single platform

  • Deploy to public & private clouds
  • Simplify management and orchestration
  • Streamline end user usage and governance
  • Reduce lock-in risks

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Private Cloud

Rapidly deploy private cloud infrastructure with a full SDI stack delivering a public cloud style experience on-premises

  • Reduce TCO by 60%+ over public cloud costs
  • Rapid deployment
  • Self-service interface
  • Simplify cloud administration
  • Upgrade path to hybrid and multi cloud managements

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Cloud Migration

Assess the optimal cost and clouds for potential migration workloads

  • Compare costs of running an application across public and private clouds
  • Determine optimal instance types
  • Assess clouds against cost, performance and policy criteria
  • Integrated deployment capability

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