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Industry Visionary Arun Taneja to Host Gridstore Webinar: Why Hyper-Converged is Invading the Data Center

Industry Visionary Arun Taneja to Host Gridstore Webinar: Why Hyper-Converged is Invading the Data Center

Details the Development of the Hyper-Converged Market and Why Customers Are Finding These Solutions Compelling

Mountain View, Calif. – Oct. 8, 2014, Gridstore™, the leader in converged infrastructure architecture purpose-built for Hyper-V, today announced the 10th in its series of webinars hosted by storage industry visionaries. The next in this exciting lineup is being hosted by Arun Taneja, Founder of The Taneja Group and industry expert. “Why Hyper-Convergence is Invading the Data Center” will be held twice on Thursday, October 16, 2014. The first webinar will be at Noon CDT, 1pm EDT and the second will be at Noon PDT, 1pm Mountain time.


Among the questions that Arun will address include:

  • What is hyper-converged?
  • How did this new type of solution come to be developed, and why is it important?
  • What are customers using it for and why?
  • Are their architectural limitations and what can be done about them?


Kelly Murphy, Gridstore Founder and CTO, will join Arun to discuss Gridstore’s new Hyper-Converged Appliance purpose built for Windows environments, and how Gridstore solves the 5 biggest challenges of existing hyper-converged solutions. Customers looking at VDI or Hyper-V deployments and/or in State & Local gov’t or Educational institutions will find this of particular interest.


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“Hyper-converged architectures are here to stay,” said Arun Taneja, Founder The Taneja Group, “The customer has spoken clearly that they like the idea of getting an entire infrastructure in a box that is easy to scale and even easier to manage. Gridstore’s ability to not only deliver a complete hyper-converged system but also allow for independent extensibility of the storage and compute makes it stand out in this market.”


The Gridstore HyperConverged Appliances improve operational and application performance yet save on both OpEx and CapExand complement the existing Gridstore Storage Nodes which already provide the greatest scalability and optimized price/performance storage for Hyper-V available today. With the addition of the HyperConverged Appliance, Gridstore is adding a new implementation option for customers that meets the rapidly growing need of IT organizations for a simple, easy-to-deploy solution, yet one that still allows highly elastic independently scalable compute and storage.


Gridstore has leveraged its unique, patented software architecture in this innovative design. This architecture allows administrators to set quality of service on a per VM basis to ensure the most important applications get the resources they need to perform. Unlike other hyper-converged systems that cannot scale storage independently, and unique to Gridstore, is the ability to mix and match HyperConverged Appliances and Storage Nodes, along with their associated servers. This means the easy turnkey deployment of hyper-converged systems can be combined with the extensibility of independent servers and storage, to maximize both flexibility and resource management. Additionally, the Gridstore design eliminates the need for the typical 3-way replica, thereby providing increased usable capacity and up to 50% TCO savings. 

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