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HyperGrid’s HyperCloud™ Analytics Now Available on AWS Marketplace

HyperGrid’s HyperCloud™ Analytics Now Available on AWS Marketplace

HyperGrid’s HyperCloud™ Analytics Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Purpose-Built HyperCloud™ Module Simplifies Cloud Migration Planning and Cost & Security Optimization for AWS Users; Offered in Unique Pay-As-You-Go, No Contract Model

SAN JOSE, Calif. – September 19, 2018 – HyperGrid, the market leader in Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM), announced today that its HyperCloud™ Analytics module is now available on the AWS Marketplace. HyperCloud is the industry’s first, truly intelligent HCM platform, enabling enterprises and MSPs to embrace the software-defined cloud and drive their digital transformation. Available in a purpose-built version for AWS users, HyperCloud is offered in a unique no contract, pay-as-you-go model. Today’s announcement complements HyperGrid’s recent Series C funding announcement to accelerate adoption of HyperCloud within the fast growing small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise business unit segments, who are at the forefront of adopting cloud services.

“HyperCloud provides key insights to help enterprises build an accurate assessment and expedite the cloud planning and migration process,” said Manoj Nair, Chief Product Officer at HyperGrid. “Additionally, optimizing usage of Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) can be challenging for customers new to the public cloud, but HyperGrid helps navigate those pitfalls. Our listing on the AWS Marketplace, combined with our track record for helping businesses optimize their cloud environment and new round of financing, put HyperGrid in position to capitalize on the opportunity presented as AWS users seek to accelerate public cloud adoption, and drive greater bottom-line value for their organizations.”

HyperGrid makes enterprise IT teams and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) instant cloud experts, providing them the insight and tools needed to effectively accelerate cloud planning and decisions; optimize cloud spend, compliance and security; automate IT and DevOps workflows; and, enforce governance policies at scale across complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments. HyperCloud helps businesses identify requirements and provides proactive guidance on cloud adoption based on more than 400 Million benchmarked data points on cost, performance, instance combinations and service selection.

“ESG’s IT Spending Intentions research has found that 85% of companies are using public services like AWS,” said Edwin Yuen, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Despite this, the reality is that nearly every organization, regardless of their size, will experience challenges in proactively planning cloud adoption, and ongoing cost and security optimization, given complexity of existing on premises workloads and environments and lack of cloud skills. The lack of hybrid cloud management (HCM) solutions with proactive planning and optimization capabilities can become a barrier to efficiently using public cloud services. HCM solutions like HyperGrid’s give businesses of all sizes the ability to more easily manage and optimize their public cloud usage so they can maximize their return on investment while ensuring compliance and security of workloads.”

Available on the AWS Marketplace, HyperCloud Analytics allows businesses to more easily and accurately plan for the cloud, as well as automate and accelerate their cloud adoption or migration to AWS or VMware Cloud on AWS. HyperCloud Analytics also provides businesses with greater visibility into their real-time cloud usage and provides proactive savings recommendations based on businesses’ historic cloud usage, benchmarked AWS instance data and Reserved Instance contracts, enabling users to model applications to choose the best instance to meet requirements while optimizing performance and costs. Furthermore, HyperCloud Analytics monitors cloud usage in real-time to minimize security threats and ensure organizational compliance based on AWS best practices.

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