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HyperGrid Delivers Another Major Innovation – Public Cloud On-Premises is Now a Reality

HyperGrid Delivers Another Major Innovation – Public Cloud On-Premises is Now a Reality

HyperGrid Delivers Another Major Innovation – Public Cloud On-Premises is Now a Reality

Company announces next phase of HyperGrid, new HyperCloud™ release, the industry’s first on-premises pay as you use pricing model, and enhanced cloud transparency capability through acquisition of XOcur           

Mountain View, CA – June 6, 2017 –  HyperGrid, the Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service leader, today announced the launch of the next phase in the realization of the company’s vision, with a major release of the HyperCloud™ service, and HyperCloud’s availability as the industry’s only fully managed service in an on-premises “pay as you use” pricing model. It also announced the addition of new and innovative hybrid cloud decision intelligence  features added from the company’s recent acquisition of XOcur, makers of a business intelligence SaaS platform for cloud decision making. Today’s news comes on the heels of HyperGrid’s announcement last year of HyperCloud™, the industry’s first on-premises cloud as a service delivered with subscription economics, and of achieving exceptional sales growth in FY16 and even more accelerated growth so far in FY17.

“The market demand for Enterprise Cloud services is growing exponentially; yet, some organizations feel left behind as they are not able to move to cloud as quickly or freely as others”, said Nariman Teymourian, HyperGrid President and CEO. “Delivering unified cloud services, quickly, simply and in a pay as you use model on premises is groundbreaking for the enterprise. I am not aware of any other company in the world that can combine these capabilities with the ability to manage multiple clouds using a single platform. By continuing to grow the capabilities that HyperCloud™ provides and simplifying how it is delivered, we are bringing our unique service value proposition to an ever-growing base of client use cases.”

IT is continually trying to reduce complexity so that their organizations can focus on revenue generating projects and innovation to drive their business forward. This latest HyperCloud™ release helps businesses achieve these goals by adding compute, storage, and networking services, along with an Enterprise App Store, that offers a fully featured public cloud service delivered as a full stack appliance in customer data centers. The Enterprise App Store has over 400 application templates for deploying multi-tier enterprise apps on VMs and containers to address specific business needs quickly and seamlessly. In addition to self-service provisioning of applications, VMs, and containers on the HyperCloud™ infrastructure-as-a-Service, any other existing private and public clouds can be brought under the control of the HyperCloud™ portal to provide IT with consistent governance and policy management over all application and infrastructure resources. This capability eliminates shadow IT and associated business and compliance risks by bringing disparate departmental use of public cloud resources into a single management pane.

HyperGrid has revolutionized the way IT resources are consumed on-premises with a new pricing model where users only pay for what they use. The pricing model is consistent across services with simple, VM-based pricing that starts as low as $20 per VM or as low as 10 cents an hour for terms as short as 6 months. Customers have the option of paying for reserved VMs or on-demand VMs, or a combination of both. This delivers greater flexibility and agility so that IT can respond quickly to changing business requirements.

“Most companies don’t go “all in” with AWS or any other cloud provider”, said Eric Slack, Senior Analyst at Evaluator Group. “They like the service-based pricing model of the public cloud, but also need the ability to run workloads on-site. What HyperGrid has done is combine the hybrid cloud with an as-a-Service pricing model to create an on-premises public cloud”.

With HyperGrid’s recent acquisition of XOcur, customers can optimize their application deployments for cost and performance by picking the cloud platform (HyperCloud™, public clouds or private cloud infrastructure) that best meets their needs. IT simply inputs their application resource needs and XOcur provides information on the required infrastructure to support that application within the performance parameters specified on a standardized basis, and then provides the best complete pricing. XOcur performs complex analysis of public and private cloud instances and maintains a real-time database of VM instances and services from public cloud providers so that IT organizations have the most accurate cloud analytics available to make the best decision possible.

“XOcur provides a powerful tool for our clients to assess which cloud strategy would best drive their business”, said Burke Autrey, President and COO of Fortium Partners. “IT organizations can have the most accurate and up to date cloud analytics available to make the best business decisions possible.”

Since its launch last year, HyperGrid has been focused on its mission to bring IT consumption services to the enterprise as a public cloud-like service that is delivered to private, secure data centers everywhere. Upon signing up for service, a highly available infrastructure stack is installed with complete management and orchestration within minutes, and IT organizations only pay for what they use. HyperGrid enables innovation and frees up resources to provide flexibility, simplicity and agility for business users, while maintaining security, control and governance over delivery of IT services.

“HyperCloud™ enables our customers to adopt hybrid cloud, modernize their infrastructure and accelerate the delivery of applications”, said Kyle Betts, Director of Cloud Integration at Technologent. “One of our Fortune 500 customers is using HyperCloud™ to containerize existing .NET applications and bring deployment agility and governance across multiple clouds, including vSphere, OpenStack, Azure and AWS. This resulted in faster application deployment and empowered the business to manage and control their cloud consumption through a single platform.”


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HyperGrid is the Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service leader that simplifies IT by providing a fully featured public cloud service delivered as a full stack appliance in enterprise data centers. HyperGrid’s offering, HyperCloud™, offers compute, storage, and networking services, along with an enterprise app store of over 400 application templates for deploying complex enterprise apps on VMs and containers. HyperCloud™ also supports the management of external public clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Engine, allowing IT teams to centralize the governance and control of cloud resources enterprise-wide to eliminate Shadow IT proliferation. These capabilities, offered as a fully managed service in an on-prem “pay as you use” pricing model, deliver unmatched simplicity, scale, and economics that accelerates business innovation, growth, and long-term success.


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