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London – March 8, 2017 HyperGrid, the Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service leader, will be showcasing its HyperCloud™ service offering at this year’s Cloud Expo Europe on 15-16th March on Stand 362, HyperGrid’s hybrid cloud offering is the first available on the market that delivers integrated governance-based DevOps management and orchestration for any application on bare metal, VMs and containers, regardless of the cloud provider.

HyperGrid’s chief evangelist, Kelly Murphy, will also be speaking on the future of the cloud and the data centre’s role within it. Kelly’s speech, entitled “Cloud 2.0: Take Back Control – Make the Cloud work for you” will be in the DevOps and Containers theatre, at 12:45pm on the second day of the event.

“The IT industry spent more than £18B in 2016, which included huge growth in spending on HCI as well as a further increase in public cloud adoption. Businesses are embracing the public cloud’s agility and consumption economics, meaning that customers want public cloud services in their data centres that include infrastructure, platform, and application management services. HyperCloud™ can show businesses they are no longer bound by upfront CapEx costs, allowing IT managers to focus on paying only for what they consume, bringing new levels of flexibility and scalability not seen before in the HCI market,” said Doug Rich, VP of EMEA, HyperGrid.

IT managers typically have to choose between, private or public clouds, often associated with vendor lock-ins, stifling future-proofing and mobility. With HyperCloud™, a highly simplified, consumer-like approach to application management and orchestration is available with self-provisioning across on-premises and all major public clouds. With HyperCloud™, IT departments can optimise business needs for cost, performance and scale without worrying where the application sits. This approach dramatically reduces business risks due to sub-optimal IT choices.

“HyperCloud™ is an Enterprise Cloud Services offering that provides the only consumption-based, cloud service for the enterprise on-premises, with integrated governance and control for DevOps management and orchestration for any application on bare-metal, VMs and containers, and on any cloud,” concluded Rich.


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About HyperGrid

HyperGrid – Consume IT, Don’t Build IT

HyperGrid is the Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service leader that simplifies IT for the enterprise by providing consumption based, full stack cloud services on premises. HyperGrid’s offering, HyperCloud™, uniquely addresses enterprise IT needs by combining IaaS, PaaS, and applications services on premises with security and governance for application management. For DevOps, it delivers lifecycle management and push-button VM, bare metal, and container deployments. These capabilities, combined with multi-cloud management and orchestration, all delivered via a consumption model, offer a truly compelling value proposition. HyperGrid is IT Simplified for the Business, delivering unmatched simplicity, scale, and economics that accelerates business innovation, growth, and long-term success.

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