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HyperGrid Announces Customer Pilot with Amazon Web Services to Accelerate the Migration of Mission Critical SAP Applications to the Cloud

HyperGrid Announces Customer Pilot with Amazon Web Services to Accelerate the Migration of Mission Critical SAP Applications to the Cloud

HyperGrid management and predictive analytics automate AWS best practices to eliminate the guesswork in SAP cloud migrations

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – May 7, 2019 – HyperGrid, a market leader in hybrid Cloud Management Platforms (CMP), today announced a customer pilot with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate the migration of mission critical SAP applications from on-premises to AWS. These production SAP migrations typically involve choosing from many SAP-certified Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and subsequently optimizing them to meet the desired performance characteristics for a specific SAP use case. Also, moving a complex enterprise landscape to the cloud requires detailed planning and careful consideration of thousands of inter-related factors. The combination of HyperGrid and AWS can now provide expansive planning capabilities that simplify the selection of options impacting critical functions like high availability, disaster recovery, security, and compliance.

“Migrating SAP applications to the cloud can be quite complex,” said Manoj Nair, CEO at HyperGrid. “Working with AWS to fine tune these capabilities has allowed us to make this a repeatable process that helps automate the migration of mission critical applications to the cloud. We are now piloting this capability and welcome companies to join the program.”

The HyperGrid team worked with the SAP team at AWS to make the migration planning process seamless and less error prone. Customers interact through a simple interface and provide input based on what they run on-premises to get recommendations for Amazon EC2 instances and other AWS options. They can also run cost calculation scenarios to see the pricing options to run their application on AWS. So, for customers that have dozens of SAP landscapes running on hundreds of servers, the time required to produce optimal AWS configurations and cost estimates can be dramatically reduced.

The pilot program is available now for both System Integrators and Enterprise Customers to streamline the migration planning process. This new capability makes the process repeatable and transparent, eliminating the guesswork from the transition and eliminating cost surprises. To register interest in the pilot program, contact for more information.

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