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Gridstore Goes Head-to-Head with HyperConverged Infrastructure Vendors

Gridstore Goes Head-to-Head with HyperConverged Infrastructure Vendors

Comprehensive MEGA-CAST Webinar Explores How HyperConverged Infrastructure is Transforming the Data Center

Gridstore™ the leader in hyper-converged all flash infrastructure for the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center announces they are joining with five other vendors for a unique webinar that will focus on how HyperConverged Infrastructures are transforming the modern data center. This revolutionary webinar provides the audience the opportunity to hear six innovative vendors explain how their solutions address the confluence of hyperconverged infrastructure in today’s data centers. The vendors include Simplivity, Maxta, HP, Scale, Stratoscale along with Gridstore. The 3 hour MEGA-CAST is being held on Tuesday February 24, 2015 at 12pm Eastern and will include over $10,000 in prizes being given away, including $500 in Amazon gift cards every 30-minutes, culminating in a Grand Prize Makerbot Replica 3D Printer!

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Webinar attendees will hear from Gridstore how their Hyper-Converged All-Flash Infrastructure that is purpose-built for the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center allows  customers to gain a 10X performance improvement over traditional storage, realize 4X lower TCO and 10X less management effort. They will also hear how the five other vendors are attacking the challenge of IT complexity, cost, and performance.

Registrants can seize a rare opportunity to compare the different hyperconvergence architectures and approaches – from six of the hottest vendors in the space – all in one place and evaluate how each vendor handles the datacenter complexity problem and simplifies IT deployment, performance and management.

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The Gridstore HyperConverged Appliances (HCA) improve operational and application performance yet save on both OpEx and CapExand provide the greatest scalability and optimized price/performance storage for Windows workloads available today. With the HCA, Gridstore is meeting the rapidly growing need of IT organizations for a simple, easy-to-deploy solution, yet one that still allows highly elastic independently scalable compute and storage.

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Gridstore™ is the leader in HyperConverged All-Flash Infrastructure for the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center. Our customers gain a 10X performance improvement over traditional storage as we put all-flash as close to the workload as possible. They realize 4X lower TCO by consolidation of three layers of infrastructure into one scalable layer built on X86 hardware and 10X less management effort due to less management points and less infrastructure to manage. Gridstore’s HyperConverged Appliances include both compute and storage in a single system, and provide external storage and work with any Windows servers and the HyperConverged Appliance, all driven by Gridstore’s patented software. Gridstore software architecture delivers native Windows integration, per-VM I/O control, and elastic and independent scaling of resources. Gridstore is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.  and its products and services are available through a global network of value-added resellers.


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