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Gridstore Delivers “Breakthrough Density, Economics, and Price-to-Performance” VS Leading Infrastructure Solutions

Gridstore Delivers “Breakthrough Density, Economics, and Price-to-Performance” VS Leading Infrastructure Solutions

HyperConverged Appliance Reduces Data Center Footprint by 75%, Drives down the Cost-Per-VM by 65% and Increases Overall Performance with All-Flash infrastructure

Gridstore®, the leader in hyper-converged all-flash infrastructure for the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center announced today that an analysis completed by independent consulting firm Value Prism Consulting has concluded that Gridstore outperforms HP, IBM, and VCE in all key pricing metrics measured in full rack configurations. Results show Gridstore has the lowest price-per-VM for a standard VM profile, but also lowest price-per-usable-storage over the other vendors while delivering an all-flash solution. Value Prism concludes Gridstore “offers breakthrough density, economics, and price-to-performance” over the competition.

Value Prism Consulting, a valuation and management consulting firm headquartered in Seattle, WA, conducted an analysis of leading converged system vendors and hyper-converged vendor Gridstore using publicly-available price and specification information. Full rack appliances for each vendor were compared and included not only appliance cost, but also installation, maintenance, and support costs. Since the amount of cores, memory, and usable storage was not the same across all the appliances, price-per-VM was used as a price/value approximation to compare between systems. Gridstore offered the best value beating the next vendor by 66% demonstrating the value of both hyper-converged infrastructure and the Gridstore solution.

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Besides the best metrics in each category studied, Gridstore provides a highly dense environment that supports 4x to 17x more VMs in a single 42U full rack solution compared to the competitors. Since most customers won’t initially deploy an entire rack, Value Prism also compared a smaller, four system configuration and determined, “…that too (came in) at a 75% smaller footprint.” This density not only saves space, power, and cooling, but contributes to simplified administration and reduction of costs.

“The all-flash Gridstore HyperConverged Solution produces breakthrough economics, both in terms of a competitively priced solution compared to the other vendor options and also the best price-to-performance on key metrics such as Price-per-VM,” said Marek Omilian, Managing Director, Value Prism Consulting. “All the better metrics demonstrated in a single rack versus the other named vendor alternates enable customers to run both intensive and mixed workloads easily.”

Based on Gridstore’s Fast Track Reference Architecture for Microsoft Private Cloud, Value Prism found the Gridstore HyperConverged Appliance in a full rack configuration when compared to competitive converged solutions offered:
• Price-per-VM: Gridstore is 3x to 6x less than either VCE Vblock, HP CS700, or IBM PureFlex
• Price-per-system core: Gridstore is 21% to 37% less
• Price-per-system-memory: Gridstore is up to 80% less
• Price-per-usable storage: Gridstore is up to 84% less

“It’s gratifying to have an independent firm validate Gridstore’s value and price-to-performance for customers,” said Kelly Murphy, Founder and CTO, Gridstore, “Our HyperConverged Infrastructure is not only a much better solution than the legacy converged systems, beating them out on every metric measured, but its all-flash storage delivers great performance and is extremely reliable, providing lasting value to every data center.”

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Gridstore™ is the leader in HyperConverged All-Flash Infrastructure for the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center. Our customers gain a 10X performance improvement over traditional storage as we put all-flash as close to the workload as possible. They realize 4X lower TCO by consolidation of three layers of infrastructure into one built on X86 hardware, and 10X less management effort due to less management points and less infrastructure to manage. Gridstore’s HyperConverged Appliances (HCA) include both compute and storage in a single system with the flexibility for nodes being compute and storage or storage only and can scale from a minimum of three nodes to 256. Gridstore’s patented software architecture delivers native Windows integration, per-VM I/O control, and elastic and independent scaling of resources. The Gridstore HCA is an ideal platform for infrastructure refreshes and specific Windows workloads such as VDI, SQL Server, Private Cloud, and ROBO. Gridstore is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. and its products and services are available through a global network of value-added resellers.

Gridstore is a Microsoft Gold OEM and Gold Data Center Partner, a member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance and Certified in the Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track Program.


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