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HyperCloud for Containerized Apps Solution Brief

Enables secure DevOps and simplifies cloud native application development with automation

Solution Brief – HyperCloud for Containerized Apps

The only intelligent cloud management platform that enables secure DevOps and simplifies cloud native application development with automation Centralized Management: Informative dashboard views, control for an intuitive experience without a steep learning curve.

As part of the digital transformation at enterprises, there is an ever-increasing focus on technology-based differentiation, specifically rapid development of apps that are critical for attaining business success. Containers bring speed and productivity enhancements into software delivery, allowing developers to build apps and iterate rapidly using the microservices architecture for web scale.

CI/CD and on-demand service delivery with containers require a significant change to traditional IT operations. Difficulties in integrating with existing tools and processes, monitoring and management complexities slow down enterprise-wide support. IT leaders need solutions that automate and simplify continuous delivery workflows, support agile services delivery and curb cloud sprawl as they continue to support mission critical production workloads HyperCloud, Integrating ITOps, Empowering DevOps HyperCloud provides a unified platform for container management in production, complete with all the services ITOps needs to support the DevOps teams with the latest in container technology.

Simplifying services such as container orchestration, network management, monitoring, security and complete life-cycle management enable IT control the complexity of a dense, fast changing container environment in conjunction with traditional cloud workloads, all using a single pane of glass.


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