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Planning for the Cloud

HyperCloud™ helps enterprises navigate Migration Assessments and Application Planning

Planning for the Cloud

The financial and operational Impact of moving to the cloud will vary by application’s resource consumption. Evaluating multiple cloud options for these resource requirements, require consideration of millions of permutations and combinations. Making a comparison of this scale manually, is unrealistic for enterprises looking to move with speed on cloud projects. Getting this right however, is key to building a cost foundation and truly achieving the benefits they sought from the cloud.

Help your customers get a better understanding of the impact application needs have on their cloud costs. HyperCloud™ helps you provide clarity on what your customer’s cloud bills will look like before they migrate, with a detailed account of application resource costs in the cloud. Transform your business and differentiate with HyperCloud™ to increase your services revenue. Add a new high margin, specialized, service offering to your portfolio with Application Planning Service. Create upselling opportunities to increase your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) streams through other managed cloud services such as cloud management, cost optimization, intelligent workload placement etc.

Driven by the need to improve productivity and become agile, enterprises choose to move to the cloud. Migrating to the cloud without proper due diligence, or priorities in mind, make it hard for enterprises to get these projects right.

HyperCloud™ helps enterprises navigate the complex, cloud ecosystem providing assistance in two key areas:

  • Migration Assessments
  • Application Planning

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