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Migration Assessment Services

Learn how you can build a migration practice

Migration Assessment Services

As customers look to MSPs to provide guidance around a number of these key decisions around the cloud, HyperCloud™ provides capabilities that allows them to perform a comprehensive evaluation of customers current environment, and help build a robust cloud strategy. Learn how you can build a migration practice with this solution brief.

Public cloud adoption is on the rise, and is often backed by CIOs as it brings strategic value and accelerates digital transformation. Enterprises embark upon this cloud journey and migrate their business applications to the cloud to realize the promise of agility and flexibility. Migrating existing workloads to the cloud requires proper due diligence to get these projects right. Most migrations are known for going over time and budget constraints, casting a shadow on the business benefits that enterprises sought to achieve with the cloud.

Planning a successful migration needs to start with evaluating your current footprint to determine how the move will affect all functional and non-functional areas within your organization. Creating an intelligent assessment framework will greatly streamline your migration efforts, whether you plan to undertake migration on your own or with an expert cloud partner to guide you through the process.

HyperCloud helps you navigate the complex cloud ecosystem—building a precise, accurate assessment, gaining actionable insights, and automation to expedite the planning process throughout its various stages.

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