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HyperStart for MSPs

Comprehensive go-to-market program to help grow your business

HyperStart for MSPs

HyperStart is a comprehensive go-to-market program designed to help you grow your business through additional revenue streams from customer adoption of public cloud.  In today’s cloud era, enterprises are looking to the public cloud to drive agility in their overall business. This creates tremendous opportunity for you as an MSP, to add value to help your customers strategically through their cloud journey. Taking advantage of the cloud largely depends on your ability to offer differentiated value-added services on top of the public cloud such as self-service provisioning of apps, cost and budget management and, governance and security etc.

The cloud model is increasingly becoming the strategic cornerstone of businesses, enabling them to be nimble and cost efficient. Features and fuctionality can vary by cloud providers and cloud consumers want to pick the one that can most closely meet their application and business needs. However, multi-cloud deployments can be overwhelming with multiple technology stacks, tools and interfaces. Organizations might not have the skills in-house to move forward, although it makes great business sense. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are in a great position to be a trusted advisor to the enterprise, unifying management of data and workloads across public and private clouds. They have the expertise to guide IT and provide valuable insight into workload placement and assist in workload mobility.


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