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Christian Charity Migration

AWS migration with customized assessment reports from HyperCloud™

Christian Charity Migration

They work through local churches to alleviate poverty across the world. They work tirelessly to help communities around the globe escape the very worst effects disasters as well. Operating in Asia, Africa and South and Central America, they have reached over 29 million people through community development projects and a network of over 100,000 churches.

AWS Strategy: The IT team was able to successfully understand costs for their AWS migration with customized assessment reports from HyperCloud™

Accurate Plan: Migration plans that are based on right-sized inventory to achieve optimal cost and performance on AWS.

Automated Instance Selection: They chose AWS instances based on their right-sized resource and HyperCloud™ recommendation. They had enough data at hand to build their cloud strategy.

“As a charity, we do not often get the opportunity to adopt truly world-leading technology, but HyperGrid has given us that opportunity. I have worked in the IT sector for 25 years, and this has been, by some distance, the easiest, smoothest project that I have ever managed. HyperGrid has met absolutely every requirement we set, and we couldn’t be happier with the solution.” – IT Infrastructure Lead


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