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Burwood Group Migration Case Study

Partners with HyperGrid to build a strong AWS services portfolio with HyperCloud™ Instance Planning

Burwood Group Migration Case Study

Burwood Group is an innovative, culture-driven, IT services provider, partnering with customers to accelerate and simplify IT infrastructure planning and management. Founded in Chicago, IL, they are celebrating 20 years in business. Burwood helps forward-thinking IT leaders design, use, and manage technology to transform their businesses to improve outcomes. Burwood’s services in consulting, technology, and operations are rooted in technical expertise in cloud, automation, security, and collaboration.

Burwood recognized that increased demand for IT to add strategic value to the organization, as well as heightened end-user technology expectations have increased significantly in today’s digital age. And this demand can only be met with highly agile IT infrastructure. Burwood began evaluating its on-premises footprint and forged a path to AWS.


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