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Application Planning for Enterprises

Cloud Application Planning and Modeling

Cloud Application Planning and Modeling

While cloud adoption is on the rise, migration still remains a big challenge. A survey of around 1600 IT professionals by Vision reports that most migrations fail to meet their goals and report operational inefficiencies, application downtimes, time and cost overruns as result of failed migrations.

Most enterprises that have experienced failed migrations attribute these to poor or unrealistic planning While there are numerous tools available for application migrations, there is very little guidance on the planning required for these types of projects. Whatever the strategy enterprises choose to take to migrate their existing applications – re-hosting, re-platforming or refactoring, formulating a application strategy for the cloud involves technology choices, cloud provider choices at the very least. These by themselves lead to thousands of combinations and getting them right is crucial since they will drive up cloud TCO.

A large part of those decisions are driven by the financial Impact of moving to the cloud, which vary by applications. Evaluating multiple cloud options for these apps, requires careful considerations of your app requirements (bandwidth, storage etc) across cloud providers, instances, regions, AZs etc. Making a comparison of this scale manually, is unrealistic for enterprises looking to move with speed on cloud projects. Getting this right is key to building a solid migration plan.

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