The world's first software defined cloud.

Integrated Platform for Intelligent Workload Management across Private and Public Clouds


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An Integrated Approach

Current IT stacks are too siloed and disconnected. The need for multiple vendors slows deployment, requires a highly skilled staff and the resulting manual processes impede innovation and transformation. In order to accelerate the cloud journey, a more integrated approach is required. HyperCloud™ integrates capabilities across three key capability areas – application management, cloud management and software defined infrastructure – to accelerate your cloud journey.



Transform, Deploy & Manage Applications

HyperCloud™ provides an Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) layer supporting development and deployment environments through a set of application services that enables applications to be transformed or built rapidly & iteratively, provisioned instantly, scaled on-demand and integrated with other widely used services.




Manage Consistently Across Clouds

Use a single pane of glass to manage consistently across all your public and private clouds. HyperCloud™ enables you to orchestrate application deployments, manage resource & cost usage and apply consistent governance policies for all your cloud resources to ensure end users get access to the resources they need while meeting cost and compliance objectives.


Drive down on-premises infrastructure TCO

HyperCloud™ software defined infrastructure stack enables you to cloudify existing infrastructure and rapidly roll out new services for your end users and rapidly deliver cloud benefits to your end users . HyperCloud™ includes software defined compute, storage and networking in a pre-integrated software stack that works with all major hypervisors & container platforms.

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With a powerful platform that delivers unique capabilities, and go to market tools to help you reach your target customers, driving new cloud revenue streams has never been easier.

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