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Enable customers to respond to digital disruption by transforming their applications, optimizing infrastructure for building new apps, and enabling IT to operate as a service. HyperCloud’s hybrid cloud service enables partners to deliver application, platform and infrastructure services, with a unique pay-as-you-go consumption model.  Customers get the benefit of public cloud and with the security, governance, and control benefits of on-premises infrastructure.

Benefits to Partners

Compelling Product

Offer end customers a unique model with no CapEx and pay-as-you-go pricing, just like the public cloud. Customers can enjoy the security, governance and control benefits of on-premises infrastructure.

Superior Economics

Create recurring revenue streams and benefit from the global transition to hybrid cloud.  HyperGrid’s partner economics are superior to those offered by public cloud providers.

100% Channel-Focused

HyperGrid has resellers on every deal, avoiding the conflicts found with larger vendors. HyperGrid also has dedicated channel and partners teams for every reseller to ensure rapid turnaround for sales requests.

Partner Programs

Technology Partners

Technology Partners include application, container, hardware, and infrastructure partners who collaborate to deliver IT-as-a-service through HyperCloud™, transforming DevOps and accelerating innovation.




The market is demanding Application/Solution delivery, optimized as a service and sold as a utility. HyperCloud™ is a hybrid cloud service that offers application, platform and infrastructure services to accelerate transformation and delivery of business applications that drive innovation and competitive advantage. 



Managed Service Providers

Capital efficient OpEx business models which rapidly scale and drive end customer value are critical for managed services providers (MSPs) looking to deliver simple, innovative, managed services. The HyperGrid HyperCloud™ platform is the enterprise class foundation for new world MSPs. 



Global System Integrators

Transformational “as a service” solutions are critical cornerstones for GSIs looking to deliver simple, innovative, cloud services. The HyperGrid platform is the new, transformational enabler for these joint solutions. 



Independent Software Vendors

The market is demanding a new style of Application/Solution delivery, optimized as a service. These solutions are dependent upon the packaging of key applications, vertical and horizontal, on a single platform. HyperCloud™ is the new, transformational enabler for these joint solutions. 



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