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An exciting new role for MSPs

As customers embrace multi-cloud, MSPs must evolve and elevate their business to the role of cloud broker, providing unified solutions that allow customers to manage both on-premises IT as well as multiple public clouds. The HyperCloud platform provides MSPs the ability to provide differentiated new services to fill this needs, and the HyperStart program delivers comprehensive go to market support to market, sell, serve and support your target customers.

Business Benefits

MRR Growth

Drive revenue from new and existing customers

ITaaS Broker Role

Improve your strategic position in the dynamic cloud market.

New Capabilities

Deliver self-service, containers, multi-cloud and more

Trusted Advisor

Become a proactive multi-cloud business partner

Reaching Full Potential MRR

MSPs can drive revenue growth by exploiting the potential of each business model with higher value added managed services, an expanded portfolio of highly automated services delivered from their own data center, and embracing the emerging opportunity for brokerage. HyperCloud helps you maximize revenue potential at each stage.

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Becoming the Service Broker

The rapid growth of the public cloud and adoption of multi-cloud models by customers requires MSPs to move up the value chain and deliver services that support customers in this new environment. The new role of service broker puts MSPs at the center of customer cloud decisions, greatly enhancing MSPs strategic position relative to traditional RMM/NOC and even data center centric providers. The powerful multi-cloud HyperCloud platform provides MSPs the ability to perform this brokering role.

Capabilities to Accelerate Customer Journeys

Customers are looking to MSPs to help them accelerate their cloud journey. HyperGrid provides MSPs with the tools to deliver proactive commercial insights to their customers, and the technology platform to advance customers’ IT services.

Becoming the Trusted Advisor

Trusted advisors proactively deliver customized, value added recommendations to their customers. HyperGrid enables MSPs to earn and retain this position with tools like our cloud cost comparison service, which enable MSPs to show their customers service cost data across multiple clouds, highlighting potential savings.

Start growing your managed services revenue with HyperCloud today

With a powerful platform that delivers unique capabilities, and go to market tools to help you reach your target customers, driving new cloud revenue streams has never been easier.

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Will 2018 be a year of above market growth for your company?  If you invest aggressively in the right opportunities you’re putting the odds in your favor.  We believe MSPs should maintain focus on managed services as growth, profitability and acquisition trends continue to strongly favor this revenue source over resale and professional services.  MSPs should also embrace a multi-cloud approach as the number of clouds used by end customers continues to expand.  Read on for 10 growth plays  to organically drive more managed services revenue.  Each includes a next step to quantify or advance the opportunity.  We recommend you pick the three that represent the best potential for your business and complete the first step to validate the opportunity.

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When public cloud was introduced over 10 years ago, it was viewed as an untested platform. The primary customers were developers who used cloud for their personal use. Today, public cloud is a mainstream IT platform. Many organizations are using it for production workloads, development, recovery and other business critical processes. With IT able to go directly to public cloud, Managed Service Providers (MSP) could be left out of IT planning processes. How MSPs respond will determine the success of their business. Living in Denial

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