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Launch new revenue-generating services that solve customers’ key cloud challenges with our intelligent cloud management platform.

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Hybrid Cloud Management

Cloud Security & Governance

Application Modernization

Cloud Cost Management

Self Service Provisioning

Intelligent Placement


Create New Revenue Streams

MSPs can create new revenue streams with the HyperCloud™ platform. A small MSP can generate more than $1 million in revenues in just one year and $7 million by year three.

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A Platform for Growth

The HyperCloud™ Platform seamlessly supports an MSPs growing customer base with a scalable, multi-tenant architecture, designed to support many tenants with very little management overhead.

HyperCloud’s advanced automation capabilities simplify the maintenance of the customers’ environments, enabling MSPs to maintain healthy service margins. HyperCloud™ can also be deployed in hours, speeding MSPs’ time to revenue on new services.

Finally, MSPs can leverage a single platform to provide cloud service brokerage for many public and private clouds.

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Launch New Cloud Management Services

Hybrid Cloud Management

Manage customers’ public and private clouds from a single platform

  • Deploy to public & private clouds
  • Simplify management and orchestration
  • Increase on-premises utilization
  • Support for hybrid and multi cloud environments
  • Reduce customer lock-in risks

Cloud Cost Management

Help customers create visibility & control over public & private cloud costs:

  • Provide real-time cost reporting insights
  • Create accountability with team-level tracking and chargebacks
  • Apply lease policies for groups of users
  • Reduce costs with automated savings recommendations
  • Easily compare costs across clouds for new workloads

Cloud Security & Governance

Enable your customers to meet security & governance requirements:

  • Enforce security groups & VPCs in the public cloud
  • Role based access control for cloud resources and services
  • Achieve compliance across one or multiple clouds

Self Service Provisioning

Provide self-service provisioning for end-users deploying apps:

  • Rapid IT request fulfillment
  • Automated, custom workflows to support MSP & customer policies
  • Simplify multi-cloud use with one portal that works across public and private environments

Application Modernization

Enable existing  applications to leverage the cloud model:

  • Containerize existing apps including Java and .NET
  • Deploy modernized applications to public or private clouds with one click
  • Integrate with existing CI/CD tools e.g., Jenkins, Docker
  • Increase app portability with containers
  • Supports common container platforms (Docker, Kubernetes)

Intelligent Placement

Automated recommendations for  the best cloud & instance from 500M+ options:

  • Optimize placement for cost, compliance, and performance
  • Real-time recommendations
  • Simplify the cost comparison between public and private costs

Create Savings for Customers

HyperCloud™ based services offer your clients substantial savings with the ability to reduce management and maintenance costs of their cloud environment. Customers’ IT teams can now elevate their relationship with the ability to partner with the business on innovative projects. 

Simply showcase the value of your services with our TCO tools included in our HyperStart program.

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HyperStart Your Growth

HyperGrid’s go-to-market program, HyperStart, was designed exclusively for MSPs. Designed to help you get up and running fast, so you can set up and start marketing & selling your new services to customers as fast as possible.

Tools include our cost comparison calculator, marketing materials, and access to the HyperGrid team, all in support of your role as a trusted cloud advisor to your customers.

Start growing your revenue with HyperCloud™ today

With a powerful platform that delivers unique capabilities, and go to market tools to help you reach your target customers, driving new cloud revenue streams has never been easier.
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MSP Resources

Solution Brief

Driving your MSP Business in a Multi-Cloud World

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are facing many challenges today. There is increased competition with the large public cloud vendors like Amazon and Microsoft, while trying to differentiate offerings in an increasingly crowded MSP market.  MSPs’ customers are also looking for services and support of public cloud adoption from the MSP, or worse ending up on multiple public clouds in an unplanned way. This increases complexity in the customers environment, especially as issues around cost, governance, security, and control arise. The administrator who created and deployed the application in the cloud most likely does not have the skills to fully manage the cloud environment and ensure it is being managed, monitored, and maintained properly. If MSPs want to offer new services in order to meet their customers’ needs regarding these cloud adoption challenges, several skill sets and tools are needed, increasing complexity and costs for the MSP, eroding service margins.

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Solution Brief

HyperCloud™ for MSPs

HyperCloud™ delivers the simple and scalable multi-cloud management solution that MSPs need. It includes self-service resource provisioning, application automation and orchestration, powerful governance and control functionality and, intelligent workload placement capabilities.  

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Solution Brief

HyperStart Overview for MSPs

HyperStart is a comprehensive go-to-market program designed to help you grow your business through additional revenue streams from customer adoption of public cloud.  In today’s cloud era, enterprises are looking to the public cloud to drive agility in their overall business. This creates tremendous opportunity for you as an MSP, to add value to help your customers strategically through their cloud journey. Taking advantage of the cloud largely depends on your ability to offer differentiated value-added services on top of the public cloud such as self-service provisioning of apps, cost and budget management and, governance and security etc.

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