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Quick overview

Public cloud spending will reach $38 billion in 2018.  Enterprises are looking for help managing the cost, governance, security and performance of their AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other cloud workloads.

This MSP revenue calculator estimates potential revenue that an MSP could earn by providing public cloud management services to enterprises using the HyperCloudTM intelligent cloud management platform.  The calculator uses a mix of “Complete” and “Starter” tier service levels as shown in the table below.

Service Starter Complete
Cloud Cost Control & Optimization N N
Cloud Provisioning & Automation Basic Advanced
Governance & Control N
Cloud Service Brokerage N
Application Modernization N
Cross-Cloud Self-Service Provisioning N


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See how much revenue you could generate

Try our MSP revenue calculator and see how much growth is possible based on your current customer base and the typical customer's public cloud spend and on-premises VMs.

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