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Kelly Murphy
April 18, 2016

ActualTech Media recently hosted their first Hyperconvergence MegaCast to help people compare six different approaches to hyperconverged solutions and I presented the Gridstore solution. It was an informative three hours. You can listen to their whole replay – get a mega cup of coffee first! Next time attend live for a chance to win their cool giveaways.

For your convenience, click HERE for my megacast presentation.

Kelly Murphy

Kelly Murphy

Kelly Murphy is Chief Evangelist at HyperGrid. As a serial entrepreneur with a track record of bringing disruptive technologies to market, Kelly Murphy brings 15 years CEO experience with disruptive venture backed software companies. In 1998, almost a decade before the cloud became popular, Murphy founded Marrakech, the first software company that offered on-demand procurement and supply chain systems to over 30,000 trading partners including some of the world’s largest retailers, consumer food producers, packaging companies and utilities. After selling Marrakech in 2007, he turned his sights onto what was his largest obstacle in growing his previous business — storage. In 2009, Murphy joined HyperGrid— a pioneer of software-defined storage that is set to disrupt the traditional storage industry. Currently, he serves on HyperGrid's Board of Directors and is also the Chief Evangelist. Originally from Canada, Murphy obtained his BS in Computer Science from Michigan Technological University, played Division I hockey and was the seventh pick of the New York Islanders in the 1984 entry draft.

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