What are the key use cases for Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service?

Jennifer Gill
July 20, 2017

In my previous blog post, I defined what the key features and benefits of Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service are which you can read here. Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service (ECaaS) simply and easily addresses several key use cases that challenge IT. With the ability to deliver resources on demand, ECaaS makes it easier for IT to meet changing business and technical requirements while reducing costs and improving performance. You can see from the examples below how HyperCloud™ delivers ECaaS and helps companies deliver services consistently across these key use cases.

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure-as-a-Service: Providing a desktop infrastructure for the business can be really challenging for IT as the users have such a range of technical abilities. Adding another layer of complexity is the devices that employees bring from home. Some want to use their own laptops and ensuring a consistent experience across all these devices is difficult. VDIaaS makes it easier for IT to deliver a consistent experience to all employees. As the applications and data are safely located within the datacenter, risk is greatly reduced. Jac Travel refreshed their virtual desktop infrastructure with VDIaaS built on HyperCloud™. Read the case study to learn more.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service: New initiatives and projects require infrastructure to support them. Acquiring, installing and configuring infrastructure can take weeks or months. With Infrastructure-as-a-Service, infrastructure needed to run an application is available in just a few minutes. With a solution like HyperCloud™, you can have infrastructure available fast. To learn more read how TearFund reduced their costs by 1 million pounds.
  • SQL-as-a-Service: With any database solution, licensing cost can increase to the point where it is unsustainable. With ECaaS build on HyperCloud™, IT is able to realize a 75% Day 1 savings through SQL Server license consolidation. Organizations can realize increased performance of their workloads, with better control and lower management costs, all with migration to HyperCloud™. Read more here.
Jennifer Gill

Jennifer Gill

Jennifer Gill, VP, Corporate and Content Marketing at HyperGrid has more than 20 years of IT experience. Prior to joining HyperGrid, Jennifer was the Director, Global Product Marketing, at Zerto where she was the first marketing person in the US. At Zerto, Jennifer led the product messaging and global content strategy and built the customer reference program, the customer advisory board and the analyst relations program. She also managed Technology Partnerships including relationships with Amazon and Microsoft. Previously, Jennifer held management positions at EMC and played a key role in VCE. Jennifer has a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University and an MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.

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