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Become an internal service provider delivering apps & infrastructure on any public or private cloud with the HyperCloud™ intelligent cloud management platform.

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Hybrid Cloud Management

Cloud Security & Governance

Application Modernization

Cloud Cost Management

Self Service Provisioning

Intelligent Placement


Intelligently Manage Apps Across Clouds

Enterprises now live in a multi-cloud world, yet they struggle with the transition to the cloud and obtaining the full benefits from that model. HyperCloud™ helps enterprises accelerate their journey, helping them transform their infrastructure and applications and putting them in control of their clouds.

Business Benefits

Cost Savings

Reduce public cloud costs and improve on-premises IT utilization with our cloud cost management and intelligent workload placement solutions.


Simplify cloud administration with a single platform that automates management of public and private clouds and self-service provisioning for end users.

Time to market

Accelerate service delivery through automated, repeatable deployment processes with off-the-shelf and custom templates.

Risk Reduction

Reduce cloud security and compliance risks with a robust cloud governance platform and multi-layer cloud & application security.


Capture the true benefits of the cloud with modernized applications able to run across any public or private cloud.

Top Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Management

Manage public and private clouds from a single platform.  Pick the right cloud for your workload and unlock cost savings with data-driven, real time application-level cost comparisons. Deploy to your selected cloud with one click.

  • Cloud choice.  Deploy to public clouds, private clouds and MSP clouds from a single platform.
  • Single pane of glass.  Simplify management and orchestration with common standards together with integrations to exploit cloud-native capabilities.
  • On-premises utilization.  Better utilize existing datacenters.
  • Reduce public cloud lockin risks.   Improve negotiating leverage.

Cloud Cost Management

Create visibility & control over public & private cloud costs:

  • Cost insights: get real-time cost reporting
  • Accountability: use team-level tracking and chargebacks
  • Cost savings: find cost reduction opportunities with automated savings recommendations
  • Cloud cost comparisons: easily compare costs across clouds for new workloads
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Cloud Security & Governance

Put in place guardrails for effective multi-cloud governance:

  • Role based access control: ensure end users get the access they need for cloud resources and services
  • Support compliance needs: provide full visibility into usage across clouds
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Cloud Self Service

Create a simple way for end-users to access and self-provision all private and public cloud resources.

  • Accelerate time to market.  Enable IT and end users to deploy from a single, easy to use interface.
  • Improve on-premises utilization. Create a scalable pool of resources cloud layer while making use of your existing hardware & software.
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Modernize Existing Applications

Modernize your applications for new platforms. Make non cloud-native apps portable across clouds by converting them to container-based micro-services without code rewrites.

  • DevOps for traditional applications. Gain agility beyond your cloud native apps alone.
  • Drive cost savings. Containerization of virtualized apps can reduce application deployment cost.
  • Create flexibility & reduce lockin risks. Containers provide flexibility to change clouds as needed.
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Intelligent Workload Placement

Pick the right cloud for your workload and unlock cost savings with data-driven, real time application-level cost comparisons. Deploy to your selected cloud with one click.

  • Real-time savings data.  Ensure you know the best price for specific service profiles before deploying or migrating applications based on up to the minute cloud prices.
  • Application mobility.  Leverage the HyperCloud™ orchestration engine to deploy to your preferred cloud with a single click.
  • Intelligent placement.  Place workloads based on cost, performance, security, compliance, and other requirements
  • Recommendations.  Get automated recommendations to improve cost effectiveness.
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With a powerful platform that delivers unique capabilities to accelerate application, operations and infrastructure transformation, pursuing your cloud journey has never been easier.
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