Private or MSP Cloud

A private cloud or managed service provider (MSP) cloud built with HyperGrid all-flash HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) embraces the DevOps model for increased IT agility with elastic scaling. Delivering application development and deployment that is easier, more secure, and has all-flash performance, HyperGrid HCI offers a low-cost, high-value alternative to VMware-based Clouds or Amazon Web Services.

“Host Collective chose our HCI to upgrade its cloud infrastructure after extensive testing carefully weighing it in side-by-side comparisons with Nutanix. “We felt that the (HyperGrid) all-flash solution was a much stronger option than the Nutanix hybrid in performance, simplicity, and value.”

– Frank Cheung, CTO, Host Collective

HyperGrid HCI Benefits for Private or MSP Cloud

  • Pay-for-Usage Model – drastically lowers  total cost of ownership
  • Rapid Deployment –ess than a day to be up and running (includes replacing outdated equipment with all-flash architecture that is up to 10X faster with 75% smaller footprint than traditional infrastructure)
  • QoS Controls on Every VM – less important workloads can’t interfere with critical ones
  • Customize for Workloads – granular configuration of CPU/RAM/storage
  • Built for a DevOps Model – Microsoft Cloud with Azure integration delivers a future proof solution
  • Inline Erasure Encoding – better than first-generation HCI, this protects data before it leaves the host, eliminating the need for replicas which require 50% more storage and system load
  • Simple Administration – native Windows Server integration leverages existing skills and processes
  • Modular Scaling – grow as your organization grows by incrementally adding nodes (computer or storage) – up to 256 in a single grid.
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