Continuous Security and Compliance

HyperCloud enables you to deliver cloud self-service while enforcing security and compliance across all major public and private clouds, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware and OpenStack.


Automate Cloud Security

Create policies to quickly establish security posture for your cloud accounts with very little effort. Quickly implement your piece of the shared cloud security model with our hundreds of out-of-the-box policies for various cloud resources with Common Vulnerability Scoring Systems (CVSS).

Simplify Security Assessment

Eliminate dealing with all the cloud variables related to security. Dashboards provide a high-level security posture with the ability to drill-down as need for more details on each security violation. Customize security violations classification as high, medium and low risk.


Reduce Time to Exposure

Configure security violations for automatic remediation, which reduces time to exposure and eliminates a learning curve. For more advanced remediation with tracking, create ticketing workflows automatically for rapid turnaround.

Easily Comply to Standards

Use out-of-the-box policies to ensure adherence to compliance standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS. No need to map these standards to your environment. No guesswork or need for a security consultant to establish your compliance posture.


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