Discovery and Migration Analysis for VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS

This is the second of 3 blogs is focused on Migration Planning for a move from on-premise VMware to VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS):

  • The first blog covers the overview of the process
  • This one covers on the process of discovery and doing basic analytics (i.e. lift-and-shift)

The first step towards an Opportunity Analysis is a comprehensive discovery of your existing IT Estate.  There are plenty of very comprehensive discovery tools out there that support this.  VMware have integrated VMC on AWS into their own tools– vRealize Business supports application inventory, vRealize Network Insight can look at data flows and vRealize Operations can manage capacity.

When we looked at this problem, we decided to take a “less is more” approach and focused on one-click discovery and analytics.

HyperCloud Analytics connects to your vCenter using the native API to get inventory, performance and utilization information.  If the API is not accessible due to a security lockdown, we can do the same via   manually run (and auditable) collection scripts.

This one click discovery gives you a baseline of your environment – inventory, allocation and utilization. Once this data is collected, running a VMC-AWS Migration Analysis is another one-click operation.

This analysis uses established VMware sizing best practices to provide the TCO of a lift-and-shift operation.

The screenshot below shows the results of a migration analysis. VMC-AWS like other clouds offers significant discount for pre-buying the service with 1- and 3- year commitments, and the assessment calculates those recommendations as well. VMware runs a Hybrid Loyalty Program which offers up-front discount to existing customers, the analysis factors those savings as well.

The default analysis just gives you a lift-and-shift equivalent.  This most likely is not enough.

Remember that VMC-AWS is priced per-host, this means that it is important to get the sizing right at the outset, because the opportunity to make small incremental changes is limited – size it too big and your ROI takes a hit, size it too small and your TCO shoots up early in the migration cycle.

To support having just the right capacity planning, HyperCloud Analytics calculates two kinds of optimizations for VMC-AWS – Idle VM Savings and Right Size VM Savings that can be used to bring down the size of your VMC-AWS cloud.

We will investigate each of these in subsequent posts in this series. Until then, we invite you to try these capabilities for a 30-day no-risk, no-strings-attached trial of HyperCloud Analytics. It is available in the AWS Marketplace as well as from our website –

Manoj Nair joins HyperGrid from HPE where he was GM and VP of Product Management for Converged Infrastructure. His team was responsible for driving the Product Strategy and Roadmap across all elements of the Converged Portfolio & Infrastructure Management. Prior to HPE, Manoj was SVP leading strategy and R&D for the Public Cloud solutions at EMC. This was an incubation team working across the EMC federation of companies. Previously, Manoj was SVP & GM at RSA – responsible for IAM & Authentication product lines. Previously he led R&D and Product Management for RSA Security Management portfolio. Manoj also led R&D for EMC's internal incubation project, EMC Infoscape, as well as the architecture of the EMC PowerPath product family. Manoj has also held development and research positions at Data General, Novell and US NSF funded Research Labs. He is also the holder of over a dozen patents granted by USPTO in Systems Software, File systems, Information Management and Security. Manoj holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Clemson University. Forbes Technology Council, Official Member 2018

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